Monday, January 16, 2012

My thoughts on 2012 thus far…

It sucks.

Sigh. It’s been a long few weeks. The first week of the new year was spent trying to catch up from the holidays. Which is always hard, but in our house, we were also without a functional kitchen as Ray worked to finish tiling the floor (it looks fantastic by the way). 

It was  more than a little stressful in our house as I don’t handle messes very well and here, in my kitchen, were all kinds of construction messes and rules about when we could walk on the floor -- and the stupid cat was constantly walking through grout and mortar and tracking it all over the house. And I was constantly trying to clean up after the cat before Ray noticed…

Fun times.

I spent the second week – last week – at home with my girls. Which sounds fantastic, but it was anything but. 

Lola woke up Monday morning (the 9th) and said her tummy hurts and she was sick. She does this every now and then. But after a few minutes, she usually relents, smiles and says she is “just teasin’” and runs and gets dressed. This time she didn’t do that. So, after several minutes of debate, I erred on the side of caution and decided to stay home with the girls. A few hours later, I was kicking myself because my 3-year-old was obviously not sick. She was running around, laughing and definitely not complaining about a tummy pain.

But then I picked up Millie and found a low-grade fever. This wasn’t too surprising since she has been gnawing on everything within reach and drooling like crazy; everyone has been speculating about when that first tooth might appear. So I just put her to bed.

It wasn’t until Ray got home that things got serious.

He picked up Millie at about 7 p.m. or so and asked me if I had taken her temp lately. I told him she had a low fever a couple of hours ago, but she was probably just teething.

“Yeah I don’t think that’s what this is,” he said, handing me the baby.

And it was like holding onto a fireball.


This was the beginning of an week-long battle.

Following Millie’s fever, Lola, too had to get in on the fun. She woke up Tuesday morning herself with a fever well over 104. 

Lola, napping on Mommy's lap Tuesday.

Both girls were sick through Wednesday. Lola was better by Wednesday evening. Millie continued to battle a fever until Thursday.

And even now, Millie is still not 100 percent. She is congested and coughing a lot and just hoarse. I feel so bad for her…

But we’re getting there. She slept the last two nights, which is definitely an improvement. Prior to that, she was sleeping, maybe, at 20 or 30 minutes at a time, which was making for some very long nights.

Oh, but there is more to complain about. 

Ray’s back, again, is bad all over again. (Which of course is my fault because I “made” him tile the kitchen floor, haha.) I feel terrible for him, I do. He can’t sleep, can’t sit, can’t move, can’t play with the girls, etc. It takes everything he has to just get through the workday. But it's wearing to have someone home and still not have help with the girls or housework. I don't blame him, but it is trying...

That said, there have been a few bright spots this year. My kitchen is beautiful and I love it. The living room is so, so close to being done. Lola and I went and saw "Beauty and the Beast" in the theater (really, to just see the "Tangled" short...) and had a wonderful time.

So, yeah … 2012 …a mixed bag so far.

- Bethany :)

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Hope things turn around for you soon. Love you