Monday, February 27, 2012

joys and disappointments

Since Ray had the whole weekend off, we were anticipating a fun weekend and decided that we would do something just a little out of the ordinary.

We both went and picked the girls up from daycare Friday and I let Lola in on our plans, "We're going to go the swimming pool tomorrow," I told her, happy that there was some open swim time at the high school.

She was so exicted. "I can go down the froggy slide lots and lots!" she shrieked, picturing the kiddie pool inside one of the city's hotels.



But just as I was about to correct her, Ray jumped in, "Sure, why not."

And within minutes, our fun cheap-ish weekend became a little more involved, a lot more exciting. Millie's first hotel stay.

We wouldn't leave until Saturday afternoon so that morning Lola knew, after naptime, we would go to the pool (she couldn't have cared less about the hotel part).

As I went in to wake her, I found she was already up ... and quite ready to go.

So off we went. It would be Millie's first time in the water so we needed to document that of course. And both girls were just adorable in their suits.

Lola had a great time in the water, although it did take her about an hour to get used to her surroundings. But once she saw other kids playing, nothing could hold her back.

The live version:

Millie, however, was not as enthused.

I first tried to just get her to relax a bit on her own in a jumpy thing.

She didn't like that.

So Ray took her in the water...

She never cried, but always had a not-happy look on her face. I, myself, got a few half-smiles from her while doing spins. But no full smiles and no laughs.

Like always, Millie just liked it best was Lola was nearby.

Good times.


But they definitely didn't last.

As soon as I got out of the water, my back locked up on me. I've had a nagging, more irritating kind of back pain for about a month now, after I lifted a heavy thing of cat litter onto a shopping cart. It was getting a lot better, but a long bus ride last week made it a bit worse. I thought swimming would be good for it. But something must have aggravated my back either in the water or while walking around.

I made it to the hotel room and that was about it. After that, I honesty could not sit, stand or walk. It was hell. We stayed the night and then our daycare lady (wonderful lady) took the girls for a couple of hours. Ray went, dropped them off and came back for me. I could not physically stand, so we ended up getting me into an office chair, wheeling me to the car, driving me to the ER and then got into a wheelchair.

There is something creepy about sitting in a wheelchair when you're "only" 32.

An hour or so later, I had gotten a shot, some pain drugs and directions to rest yet keep walking.

The shot made it so I was able to move around a bit more, which loosened things a bit, I think. By the evening, I was able to walk a little bit which was 300 percent better than where I was that morning.

Today, I am home (alone, girls are at daycare) and I'm focused on healing.


It is soul-crushing for me when I disappoint my girls. Lola didn't understand why we couldn't swim more (although Ray took her a few more times himself Saturday evening).

We have a big outing planned for this coming weekend. We bought tickets for a Disney on Ice show months ago. But it requires a drive to the Cities and me being mobile.

I don't want to push myself to the point of more injury ... but I also really, really don't want to let down Lola, who has had a huge Rapunzel sticker on her calendar marking this coming weekend.


Hoping for a quick recovery...
- Bethany

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

house projects

So Lola is, like most kids I'm sure, an art fanatic. She begs to paint daily and, when that isn't possible, she colors, cuts and creates all sorts of projects.

The question becomes, what do you do with them?

We used to rotate them on the front of the fridge. But There was never enough room or enough magnets. And, well, I hate clutter. And the front of the fridge looked cluttered.

Enter IKEA.

It's awesome. It is not only a way to display Lola's constantly changing artwork, but it allows us to quickly change out the girls' changing pictures (kids grow so fast!) without having to mess with frames and all that.

Love it.


Onto the kitchen...

Ray, as you know, recently finished the kitchen floor project. The tiling was the second-to-last kitchen project we have left to do. (We hope to do the backsplash this summer or fall.)

It's amazing how far our kitchen has come in less than two years.

This was the kitchen before we moved in:

This is the kitchen today:

(We need a new table, yes. But you would be surprised how hard it is to find a plane, all black, small-ish square table. Ray now hopes to make one. But with his work schedule, who knows when that will be?)


And, as long as I'm on a roll, I should show you the living room. We painted this a while ago, but just recently finished the touch-ups.

This is it before we moved in:

This is it after we moved in but before we updated it:

 And this is the living room today:

We like doing house projects. It can take us 12 weeks and 89 paint samples to choose a wall color, but despite the stress and the physical work, it is always completely worth it (of course I say that knowing I'm not the one that actually does the physical work...).

Right now, Ray is, understandingly, project-ed out. But I'm hoping he gets some energy, motivation, and some time off, so we can tackle the bathroom sometime in the relatively near future. We have a lot of what we need ... but that will be a complete renovation.

And, oh yeah, Lola is now asking that Ray add a Rapunzel to her wall murals.  And with Rapunzel comes Maximus and Pascal ... and maybe Eugene too.

- Bethany :)