Wednesday, February 8, 2012

house projects

So Lola is, like most kids I'm sure, an art fanatic. She begs to paint daily and, when that isn't possible, she colors, cuts and creates all sorts of projects.

The question becomes, what do you do with them?

We used to rotate them on the front of the fridge. But There was never enough room or enough magnets. And, well, I hate clutter. And the front of the fridge looked cluttered.

Enter IKEA.

It's awesome. It is not only a way to display Lola's constantly changing artwork, but it allows us to quickly change out the girls' changing pictures (kids grow so fast!) without having to mess with frames and all that.

Love it.


Onto the kitchen...

Ray, as you know, recently finished the kitchen floor project. The tiling was the second-to-last kitchen project we have left to do. (We hope to do the backsplash this summer or fall.)

It's amazing how far our kitchen has come in less than two years.

This was the kitchen before we moved in:

This is the kitchen today:

(We need a new table, yes. But you would be surprised how hard it is to find a plane, all black, small-ish square table. Ray now hopes to make one. But with his work schedule, who knows when that will be?)


And, as long as I'm on a roll, I should show you the living room. We painted this a while ago, but just recently finished the touch-ups.

This is it before we moved in:

This is it after we moved in but before we updated it:

 And this is the living room today:

We like doing house projects. It can take us 12 weeks and 89 paint samples to choose a wall color, but despite the stress and the physical work, it is always completely worth it (of course I say that knowing I'm not the one that actually does the physical work...).

Right now, Ray is, understandingly, project-ed out. But I'm hoping he gets some energy, motivation, and some time off, so we can tackle the bathroom sometime in the relatively near future. We have a lot of what we need ... but that will be a complete renovation.

And, oh yeah, Lola is now asking that Ray add a Rapunzel to her wall murals.  And with Rapunzel comes Maximus and Pascal ... and maybe Eugene too.

- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

You both have made remarkable upgrades! We love coming to your beautiful and comfy!