Sunday, March 25, 2012


Given the unseasonably beautiful weather, I've been outside with my girls - so blogging hasn't exactly been at the top my to-do lists, I guess. But as I've taken a break from the blog, we've had a whole lotta' firsts here.

Possibly most notably, Millie got her first tooth!

Seriously, just hours after I posted the last blog, saying that her teething was going nowhere, I felt her gums and was surprised to find it had popped through.

That was a week ago and now she is battling viciously with another. Millie doesn't cry much at all but when she is miserable she lets you know it. She was up five times in four hours last night.

On the fun front, as you can see from above, Ray hung the baby swing in the playground and Millie marked her first swingtime - and she loves it. Lola loves it, too, because she has an outside playmate.

We've been playing outside a lot, which makes for happier kids and easier bedtimes. Kinda' awesome. It took Lola a little to sort of relearn some things, like getting her bike going on her own. But she's well back into the swing of things and is happy to be back outside. She loves that her outside toys, and her garden house, have returned to the backyard.

Millie is in that stage where she can't really do anything outside but she's learning a bit. She likes her swing but I don't know if she really loves the outdoors quite yet. She isn't used to the bright sun.

But she loves that we're happy and that she's a part of it all.

She's getting better and better at tummy time. But she's at that point where she knows that she should be able to move. She's been working hard at trying to figure out how to get her rump up in the air but hasn't put it together. Sometimes, after getting frustrating while pushing herself up with her arms, she plants her head on the ground and tries to use it for leverage for getting her butt up. That doesn't work either.

She did an Army crawl just once, by accident. And hasn't gotten close to repeating since.

On the Lola front, she's been a delight - and, yes, sometimes a pain in the neck. But a cute one.

She wore today her first-ever pair of cowboy boots. Adorable.

She told her daycare provider all about them last week. Our provider is super sweet - and she also is a country gal. She told Lola she needs a pony, or a horse, now to go with those boots. Lola then asked if she was getting a pony for her birthday.


Working with the daycare provider, we convinced Lola that maybe a play pony would be best.

For now anyway.

Lola also is obsessed with reading and letters now - not that she can read but she knows that we can. So every trip anywhere involves her asking, "What's that sign say, Mommy?" or "What those letters spell?" about three million times per block.

Her new favorite obsession is photography. She begs to take pictures all of the time. And, well, digital is nice! She can easily snap off 120 shots in about fifteen minutes. She's been doing this for a couple of months now but she is actually getting the hang of it a bit.

Her favorite subject is her sister.

And, for some reason, the carpet. I deleted a lot of carpet shots.

Anyhow, this is a busy week for us with appointments and more. Millie goes in for her nine-month checkup tomorrow and Lola has her own appointment on Tuesday. More on that later.

Happy spring!
- Bethany :)

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