Friday, March 2, 2012

pity party

It's just after 5 p.m. Friday. Any moment now I am expecting the front door to open up with a crash, followed by the thundering stomps of Lola, who should be running through the house to greet me.

But not today.

Ray and the girls are gone. They left for three days this morning, off to see family and friends in the Cities.

This was supposed to be my special Disney on Ice weekend with Lola. My mom and I were taking her to her first "big" show - to "see Rapunzel dance" on the ice.

But, no, my studid (bleeping) back still sucks. I was going to just tough it out, but just 20 minutes in the car yesterday brought tears to my eyes (yes, I'm a wimp) and I knew that a 4-hour car ride in two directions was simply not a grand idea.

So they left. With my blessings of course - I certainly don't want Lola to miss the show because her mom is broken.

But I'm sad. And mad. And oh so disappointed.

I know it's temporary, that the back will (someday) heal, that there will be many more shows to come, etc., etc. But today I'm sulking. I've never, ever spent two nights away from Lola. And I've never spent a night away from Millie.

And I really want some wine.

Or maybe I just want to whine.

So I'm here instead, looking at the pictures I finally downloaded from my cell phone.

These were taken on Dec. 26, the day I got my new phone, at a local restaurant. Lola was being silly.

And here she is, same day, with her daddy.

Millie was, of course, being her usual happy self.

Random shots taken from a Mall of America trip in January.

And this one, too, was taken that day, showing that the Rainforest Cafe has no clue as to where Minneapolis is at.

Misc. shots at home.

Happy sigh: Lola's "beauty" day, when I did her fingernails for the very first time (the mail polish lasted about 2 hours) and allowed her to play with my eye shadows, which ended with her looking as if she had a black eye.

More random shots at home.

This one was taken the day we went to the Hampton, just hours before I hurt my back. Lola "woke up" from her nap all ready to go swimming...

And then, of course, I have videos like these, which make me laugh. And then wince, because laughing hurts.

Funny girl.

- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

We missed you lots...feel so bad for you. Hoping you are good as new really soon! Loved all the pics and videos!