Monday, May 7, 2012

Millie, our new addition, and flying

Our sweetheart, Amelia, is 10.5 months old now, give or take. If Lola was our strong-willing, patience-teaching child, Millie is our easy-going, take-with-you-anywhere-you-wanna-go child.

She is doing so much these days:
- Babbling.  (Ray swears she called out for "Mama" one night when he went in to check on her before he went to bed; I was already sleeping.)

- Clapping. (Not so much with her hands, but she is clapping toys together to hear the sounds they make.)

- Eating. (Anything and everything I will let her. She loves pears, pineapple and carrots. She also loves sauces - marinara, etc.)

- Sitting. (She loves to just sit and play with Lola. I swear, I think I becoming a wee bit jealous of my 3-year-old. No one, and I mean no one, can make Millie laugh and smile like Lola can. She is her best friend, her daily constant. It's super cute. And I love that they're so close.)

- She waved a few times this past weekend. So cute.

- She gave me a first kiss. Well, I think so anyway. Ray said she was just trying to eat my nose. But it's my blog and I'm calling it a kiss.

But there are also a bunch of things that Millie isn't doing. Crawling. Standing. Pulling herself up. Getting up to her knees.

She is such a laid-back baby; she would be content to just lie on her back all day long. Tummy time is going pretty, well, really. She pushes herself up way high with her arms and, sometimes, she'll try to get her legs underneath her. But after about a minute of this, she just rolls onto her back and grins at you. If you force her to try it too much, she whines.

So after about a month of worrying (maybe not so much worrying as in getting concerned), I called the pediatrician today. He suggested a PT evaluation. So we are doing that. I don't have a date yet - I'm working on it. But I am feeling pretty good about it. Yeah, I am likely overreacting and worrying (being concerned) about nothing. But I'd rather have some piece of mind.

Better safe than sorry, right?

In other Wesley family news, we have a new addition.

I promised Ray that we'd get a boat before we got married, before we bought a house, before we had a baby, before we'd have a second baby, etc., etc., etc.

It was finally time to pay up.

He's taken it out a couple of times now and loves it. He is now anxiously awaiting fishing opener (although we'll be out of town that weekend). Some good friends of his (ours) are moving here in a few weeks and Ray now will have a fishing buddy. So it was just a matter of time before the boat arrived.

Meanwhile, we've been introducing the boat to Lola.

She likes it lots - when it's on land.

She has now taken two rides on it. While she enjoys the actual boat ride portion, she has so screamed bloody hell whenever it's time for anyone - Ray, me, her, anyone - to get in or out of the boat. It could just be the rocking, but I think she's terrified that the boat is going to drift away - nevermind the thing is tied up.

It's a learning process maybe.

Meanwhile, we're just thrilled she likes the actual boat ride portion of the trips...


In other Lola news, she's learned a new trick.

Jumping off her swing.

She has seen me do it a hundred times I'm sure but she has always been so scared to try it. We took a family walk to the park Saturday and she called to me, while swinging way up high, saying that she wanted to get off. I told her, from my comfortable bench spot, that she should just jump off.

I've told her than a dozen times or more. She always refused.

Not that time, she just did it. Just like that.

And she flew.

And then she laughed.

So then we did it some more.

Fun times.

- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

ok...that video made my day! Super cool! Can't wait to see all of you soon...miss you so much! Amelia will be just fine...just not in a hurry:) Love you!