Friday, May 25, 2012

Millie’s PT eval.

As I wrote earlier, we scheduled Amelia to undergo a physical therapy evaluation. She is now 11 months old (!!!) and, while she continues to be the happiest baby I’ve ever met, she still doesn’t crawl or stand or walk – she just isn’t very mobile.

Better safe than sorry, right?

Her PT evaluation was this morning.

I figured we'd go in, get evaluated, be told that she's just a larger-than-average baby and go home feeling kinda' stupid that we even went in in the first place.

Except that didn't happen.

(Let me pause here for a minute to tell a quick story. Every time we go  to the doctor, I’m always making sure my kids are clothed properly, wearing socks, hair is clean, no dried snots on their faces. You know, to at least give the appearance that I know what I’m doing with my kids. So, today, Amelia and get to the hospital, twelve minutes early [Bethany time]. Millie is in her cute little sporty outfit, looking clean, sharp and ready to go. We walk in, finding our way easily enough. I set her down, sitting, on the edge of the counter to check her in. And I instantly knew that someone needed a diaper change. So, stupid mother that I am, I reach down and gently pull out on her diaper to check if she had some ickies to be changed. And I end up with a finger full of baby poop. She didn’t just go No. 2, but she exploded. So, off to the bathroom we go. And it is everywhere, all over her pants, her shirt, me. Hating to have too heavy of a diaper bag, I, months ago, removed the recommended “extra set of baby clothes” since my Millie has never had such accidents before. Except of course for today. So, yeah, without other options, she was naked [in a diaper] for the entire evaluation. That whole “good mom image” I was hoping to project? That went out the window. Or rather, into the diaper genie at the hospital.)

But, anyhow, back to the evaluation…

The evaluation lasted an hour. In short, the PT lady said she is testing at about six months. She doesn't apparently realize she has any abdominal muscles and doesn't try to use them ever. In fact, when she was forced her to use them, she cried. You can't really learn to crawl or stand or walk without using your core (or your abs) so this is the biggest concern at this point.  There were a few other concerns as well. She favors her left side considerably. The PT lady would try to make her do things with her right side, like turning her head more than smidgen or moving her right leg and it was obviously painful for Millie. The PT lady said that she has favored her left side so long that her muscles are tight, so that's something to work on.

While she was strictly a physical therapist, the PT lady noticed, too, a few fine motor skills area that she thought should be looked at more carefully.

In summary, she showed me few exercises to focus on with Millie at home. Mainly concentrating on her core/abs and glutts (butt). She said she just likes to extend and force her back straight and legs stiff, so we basically need to force her to get comfortable scrunching up, being on her knees, and, most importantly, working her abs.

So, for now, we will be going to PT twice a week. She also ordered an occupational therapy evaluation. We go back Wednesday and Friday next week.

So that was that.

How am I feeling? OK. Really, if anything, just relieved that I brought her in. I know it’s just one more month until her 12-month appointment, but I’d rather she get some of the extra help/attention now, rather than later.

- Bethany :)

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