Friday, May 18, 2012

no news is good news (just catching up)

We're still adjusting to being home after a busy, but fun, trip "home" to the Cities for Mother's Day. It was so fun to see family - including several on Ray's side that we just don't get to see very much. Our trips can be so fun, but so short (it seems) so it was really nice to be able to connect with a lot of different people.

The trip really must have wore the kids out. Lola's bedtime is 7:30 p.m. sharp (except, somehow, that occasionally hits 8:30 p.m. on nights I'm working late, thanks to Ray, haha). But we got home from the Cities about 5 or 6. And before it was even 7, Lola looked at me and said, "Mommy, I'm tired. I'm going to put on a pullup and go to bed, OK?" And she trudged off, got herself tucked into bed and asked for a kiss good night.

So sweet.

Millie is learning some new things every day - she is shaking her head no and clapping constantly. She still doesn't get the concept of "no" - she just shakes her head randomly for fun, I think - but she is learning when it is appropriate to clap. (i.e. this morning Ray had to change a rather explosive diaper and he said she clapped lots when she got a fresh one.)

She's such a sweetheart.

No, she's still not crawling. Her PT appointment was pushed back a week so we're waiting now until the 25th. She is much more into "standing" with my help than she has been, but she still isn't pulling herself up; she waits for me to get her going. I'm still not worried. I'd just rather be proactive.

Oh, she also is learning to wave. But I don't think she gets that it usually mean's bye-bye. She waves at me from across the room, as if she's just saying hi.

We're also working on giving kissing. But she'd rather try to eat my nose.

In other news, Lola is finally starting to, slowly, figure out the concept of time and days. Everything up to this point has been "yesterday," as in, "Remember yesterday when Santa came?" or "Remember yesterday when I got a new bike?" For months now, we've been working with the calendar to explain days, weeks, months, etc.

She's finally getting it though. She is now counting down the daycare days to weekend "family" days. And she knows that "yesterday" refers only to the day before.

So, progress. Which is awesome.

She also is now getting into real imagination play. She's done this for a few months, but it is getting more and more impressive every day. Instead of just sporadically wanting to playing pretend, she wants daily now to play with her Rapunzels and her dollhouse, creating imaginary situations such as Rapunzels going to a park or going dancing in the village.

She loves her dollhouse too, but I must say, I hate playing dollhouse. I'm always daddy. And the mommy (Lola) is always working. I come home from home (Daddy) and Mommy says hi and goes back to work. We wake up, and Mommy goes to work. Daddy, for some reason, never has to work. But Mommy (per Lola), wakes up, works, comes home with the kids, gives them to Daddy and goes back to work some more.

It makes me feel kinda' bad.

As Millie gets more and more mobile, Lola is really starting to connect with her all over again.

It's super cute to watch those two interact. I never would have imagine how quickly - and intensely - those two would connect to each other. Ray and I laugh about it, about how we can actually get jealous of Millie's love for Lola: Three is no doubt that Lola is No. 1. Lucy (the stupid cat) is No. 2. Ray and I are somewhere below there, haha.

So, in short, life continues. And we're still loving springtime.
- Bethany :)

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