Friday, May 4, 2012

springtime adventures

When we were pregnant (and less than smart parents-to-be), we thought it would be easy to fit babies and children into our outdoors-y life. We heard many stories about couples who brought their newborns into the Boundary Waters and took them backpacking along the Superior National Hiking Trail.

Yeah, that's what we'll do!

THEN we had Lola. Who, bless her heart, was anything but easy-going. It was hard enough taking her grocery shopping. The one time we tried just going drive-in camping went terribly.

But we have seemed to turn a corner. No, not in camping, but just in being outdoors-y again.

Lola has become our little explorer.

Since the beginning of the spring, we've been trying to do more walking, park time, stroller rides, etc. But what we really missed is the hiking. So, we've been visiting area state parks every weekend now.

And Lola is loving it!

The clincher was last weekend, when we returned to Itasca State Park. Lola heard us talking about a fun, big tower. And, sure, we told here we would be visiting a fire tower, but I never, ever imagined that Ms. Nervous would be anything but afraid of heights.


She loved it.

She and Ray climbed up, one step at a time, to three platforms from the top. Way above the trees. Ray at that point, though, said it was time to go back down. It was windy and the tower was kinda' swaying a bit. Plus, he wasn't exactly loving the height himself, I don't think.

Lola cried.

She wanted to go to the tippy top.

But she understood that it was time to come back down.

She was so proud of herself at the bottom. "Mommy, mommy! I was up way high, above all of the trees!"

I asked if she was scared and she just gave me a look. "No, I not scared at all. Why be scared?

With Millie on my back in a backpack, we then went for a family hike, about three miles. Like before, it was super fun and Lola was very much into exploring the world, looking at beaver dams and using her first natural walking stick.

I love springtime.

- Bethany :)

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