Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy 1st birthday, Amelia!

Today our sweet Millie turns one year old!

Happy birthday, Monkey! You've taught us so much in the last 12 months. Whereas we seemed to just survive Lola's first year in this world, you have shown us just how beautiful, and enjoyable, babyhood can really be. You were, and continue to be, the sweetest, most precious little girl.

You were the happiest baby from the very beginning. Still today, you start laughing and grinning when someone just makes eye contact with you. You love to be tickled - and we love the appreciative giggles we get in response. One of the best parts of the day is walking in to get you in the mornings and you're just playing quietly, but when you see me, your kick your legs, smile and reach up as high as you can, looking forward to your good morning hugs.

Your arrival, too, has allowed us to watch the awesome development of sister love. Because no matter how much you may love your Daddy and me, we pale in comparison to your big sister. We might get giggles, but only Lola can solicit from you those deep belly laughs. And she can do it with just one little look.

You have had this habit for months now that makes me just melt. You love to caress everyone's cheeks. If I didn't know you as well as I did, I would think you were just reaching upward so I would pick you up. But, no, you're holding up a hand as if asking me to come closer, within reach so that you can rest your palm against my cheek.  

We love you so much and we are so proud of everything you have accomplished in your first year of life. You bring us great joy, Millie. Happy birthday, Baby Girl!

- Mommy :)

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Anonymous said...

You are such an amazing Mom! Love you Bethany.