Monday, June 4, 2012

Life with Lola

I picked the girls up from daycare Friday afternoon, all of us heading home in fairly good moods because, well, it was Friday.  

Lola is sitting behind me, singing along with “Cinderella” on her DVD player. Millie is behind the passenger seat, gnawing on a rattle. Just a regular, quiet drive home.

Driving along a small dirt road, I stop at a two-way stop sign, preparing to cross the asphalted county highway. I just barely reach the other side when there is an earsplitting, high-pitched shriek of terror coming from the backseat.

Now, Lola can be an intense screams-her-head-off kind of kid. But this was a shriek of absolute fear.

I thought maybe I didn’t see a car and had just barely avoided a collision. 

I thought maybe there was a bear running at our window. 

Maybe a plane was about to crash on top of us.

I immediately pull over and turn around…

And there is caterpillar on the seat next to Lola’s leg.

- Bethany :)

UPDATE: The medical center called me this afternoon. As expected, there was an occupational therapy cancellation for Wednesday. So, Millie's appointment for her OT (fine motor skills) evaluation has been moved up from the 20th to this coming Wednesday (the 6th). This makes me happy. 

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