Friday, June 22, 2012

Millie's birthday!

Today was our sweet Amelia's first birthday! 

We had a mixture of really miserable experiences and super fun family time. 

First the miserable...

As the nice mother I am, I scheduled Millie's 12-month doctor checkup on her birthday, just like I did for Lola three years ago. She got her three shots, including her first MMR. As expected, she cried out during the immunnizations. But, unlike her big sister, she was over it pretty quickly. 

Until we took her for a blood draw (just routine, more or less). She was sitting on my lap and didn't much mind as they put the tourniquet thing on her right forearm ... or on her left, as they couldn't find a vein. When they returned to the right arm, she started to get fussy. And by the time they again tried the left arm, she was pretty crabby.

Finally, after searching for a while for a vein, they inserted the needle.

And she did not like that at all.

I'm guessing that since the vein was hard to find, they didn't get it in there quite perfectly, because the blood just trickled into the vials. After a few minutes of Millie crying, the nurse lady wiggling the needle around while it was in her arm, making Millie cry harder, they decided to pull it out.

I thought that was it until the nurse said, "I'm going to go check and see if this is enough for them."

Great... I did not want to put her through that again. Fortunately, they made it work and we were onto the more fun parts of our day.

We had an unexpected family day as Ray's work stuff was postponed. So, we went home, relieved the babysitter, and had a family breakfast. Then, we went to the local state park to just have a little bit of fun before naptime.

After naptime, we got some stuff done at home and the continued a family tradition of taking our girls to Applebee's for their first birthdays. 

It was an awesome day.

Happy birthday sweet girl!
- Bethany :)

P.S. OK, I didn't want to clutter the first birthday post with the doctor's opinions. So here goes. The pediatrician is not worried about Millie. He thinks that since she is making progress in therapy, she is going to be just fine. He thinks some, or a lot, of it is still that she is a large kiddo (24 pounds, 93rd percentile) and that it's going to take some work. That aside, he wasn't concerned at all that there could be "something else" wrong (my words, not his) as she is making great progress. The time to worry, he said, would be if she ever stops making progress. Which she is definitely not doing at this point. So, we set another checkup for three months from now and got a lot of tips for encouraging her at home on all things movement and sippy cup (she hates the sippy cup). So, good news.

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Anonymous said...

Happy First Birthday Sweet Little Girl! Wish we could of been there for the family tradition of Applebees. Can't wait to see you! Love you so much! Grandma Roma