Saturday, June 2, 2012

the perfect day

Some days are simply wonderful.

Today was one of them.

Ray's buddy is visiting this weekend from the Cities. The two of them are having a dedicated fishing weekend, so I'm going to be a solo mommy for a few days. We've had a string of fun weekends, but they've all involved chores, traveling or rain, so my goal for today was to have a "Lola fun day" (and Millie fun day, too).

Thanks to cooperative weather (mid-70s with plenty of sunshine), we were able to do everything that Lola loves best. And Millie was more than happy to come along for the ride.

First, we had pancakes for breakfast and then we took a longer-than-usual walk to the park, opting to visit a larger one that is just another mile or so further than our usual stop.

It was worth it.

We then walked home, had a little naptime (I laid out and got some sunshine, haha) and then had lots of playtime in the backyard.

Lola even had her lunch outdoors.

We even broke out the swimsuits. Well, just Lola's. But it was a start.

Millie went to bed a little early today. She didn't get a second nap so she was pretty tired. But that gave Lola and me some extra one-on-one time this evening. We made Daddy and Jeremy a special treat and then stumbled on "Beauty and the Beast" on TV. So, she got to stay up a little later as we painted Mommy's toenails and snuggled on the couch.

It's rare, between the stress of work, what needs to be done at home, and, well, basically just life, that we are able to have a truly spectacular day.

Today just happened to be one of them.

And, man, I needed that.

- Bethany :)

P.S. Today also marked Millie's first "ponytail," so cute!

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