Friday, June 1, 2012

PT session No. 2

It went much better today.


Millie still cried occasionally but was fairly quickly calmed down. She wasn’t overly thrilled to be doing all of her exercises, but you could see that she was actually trying to do them, like she wanted to learn. It will still take a while, I have no doubt, but watching her actually try to do it was quite nice.

We’re still waiting on the occupational therapy evaluation. Apparently the order has been signed and faxed but there is another step – that I do not understand at all – that is holding it up. Either way, once the order comes though, I can make the appointment, but it will still be a few weeks, most likely. OT is only on Wednesdays and the lady is booked until the 20th, at least. Once I can actually make the appointment, we’ll make it for the 20th but the receptionist said she will put us on a waiting list for both the 6th or the 13th so we can go in quickly if there is a cancellation, which, she said, was fairly likely. So we’re kind of just waiting on the Scheduling department. Waiting. Waiting. You would think I’m learning to be patient. But, no, I’m not.

Meanwhile, I did talk to my pediatrician’s nurse today and she said the doctor will monitor Amelia’s reports as they come in and we’ll see how she is progressing up until her one-year appointment (which is on her actual first birthday).

So I’m feeling better today. Not thrilled with the OT status but I’m fine with it.

Mainly, I’m just focusing on Millie’s progress, which is obvious. Even our daycare provider said today, unprompted, that she can tell she is getting stronger.

And it’s only been one week.

- Bethany :)

UPDATE: The hospital called today and booked the OT evaluation. She is scheduled for the 20th, as planned, but is on a waiting list in case there is a cancellation. I'm happy about that.

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