Monday, July 30, 2012

mid-summer update

Surprise! Millie was re-evaluated today at physical therapy. 

I didn’t know this in advance, so I was more than a little pleased with myself for sticking to my Sunday night goal of getting the girls to bed a half-hour earlier than usual. Monday mornings were hard enough before Millie started therapy, but now with 7 a.m. sessions every Monday, they require me to get everyone up and out the door 45 minutes earlier than usual. So, two weeks ago, I set earlier bedtimes Sunday nights, just to ensure the girls would get enough sleep. Small victories, people, small victories…

Anyhow, first the good news: Millie was accomplishing tasks and challenges indicative of an 11-month-old! Considering that, two months ago, she was testing at a 6-month-old level, this is awesome!

Of course, we know that when it comes to her final “grade” (which wasn’t immediately available) she’ll probably be a little below 11 months (maybe 9-10 months?) because she hasn’t yet started crawling, standing, etc., but she is doing much, much better and that’s great!

That said, we do have a few other concerns worrisome enough that we are having a third evaluation done. Within the next few weeks, Millie will undergo a speech evaluation. 

Since the very beginning of all of this, we knew that there were two key points in looking at whether there might be something “more seriously wrong” with Millie. First, Millie needed to respond well to therapy, to be willing and able to learn the skills. And, second, we do not want to see her accomplish or learn a skill and then lose that skill. If A happens and B doesn’t happen, we were told, it was more than likely that she would be just fine, that she would catch up.

Well, we’re now worried about “B” because Millie has stopped talking. 

At about 11 or 11.5 months, Millie began talking. Mostly babbling, but definitely saying “mama” “dada” and “baba” to indicate those three things. But in the past three weeks or so, we’ve noticed less babbling and now, for nearly two weeks or so, she has stopped talking almost completely.   

So I asked the therapist today what she thought. She said she and our other therapist have heard her babbling during sessions because they’ve talked about it. But, she agreed that, we, as her parents, would notice any kid of change, subtle or obvious, before others. She also pointed out that we considered a speech evaluation last month anyway because of Millie’s chewing/eating difficulties but decided to try stuff at home first.

So, we decided to go ahead and order an eval to see what the speech therapist thinks. The one nice thing is we have definitely hit our limit or deductible or whatever it is for insurance so it won’t cost us anything more. (what can I say, we’re finding the silver lining wherever we can!)

No idea on when the eval will happen, but I’m sure I’ll mention it once I figure it out.


Sigh. I’m more than a little embarrassed to be writing this now, more than two weeks later, but I’ve been busy I guess. Anyhow, my sweet, bubbly Lola turned 4 years old on July 14. 

She continues to be mostly shy, timid in new situations, but I can see her coming out of her shell more and more every day. She waves at random strangers now – as long as they aren’t approaching her – and she makes small talk with the checkout people at the grocery store, Target, etc. 

She is cautious. In water, Lola won’t swim in the deep end or really anywhere she can’t touch, even if she has her floaties on. But she is trying, a little more every time, to float on her back without help. One of these days, I just know it, it will all click for her and she’ll be off and paddling on her own.  When we talk about going to school this fall, she gets a scared, quiet demeanor and I know she knows she is going but she isn’t happy about it. She keeps asking for me to go with her. She is excited about her new backpack and new friends, but she is a little afraid, which is understandable. 

She still is a screamer. When she’s hurt, she’s dying (even if she has just a hangnail). She got bit by a deer fly last week and she swore that a bee stung her. She falls on the cement and scrapes her knee and you’d think she broke a bone. She’s just loud. It's both humorous and concerning because one of these times she is going to be badly hurt and we won't be able to tell the difference.

She loves to wear dresses, makeup and fancy shoes. Such a girly girl. Our daily morning battles continue to be the same, me not-so-patiently explaining why she can’t wear a formal winter gown to daycare and her insisting that she won’t get it dirty playing outside in the sandbox.

Anything she does, she does 130 percent. A few weeks ago, we broke out the tee-ball set that she got for her birthday. I showed her how to swing the bat but she refused to play. For one week. We couldn’t figure it out – until we realized she was only going to play with the real bat. Not the foam-padded “safe” bat, but the kid-size, aluminum bat. This past weekend, she walked up to the T, grabbed her bat with both hands and just smashed that ball. It was amazing to watch. All 27 times.

She loves her family, being a big sister. She lives, like we all do, for our two “family days” (weekends).

Because it never seems right to do a post without pictures, here are some of the two girls modeling their respective Rapunzel outfits. Lola was thrilled to have the "Rapunzel's getting married" dress and Millie was just happy to be included in the photo session.

My cuties.
- Bethany :)

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