Tuesday, July 24, 2012

my Lolas

My Grandma Abe lived near Chicago, so she was the grandmother we saw the least often. But that made her visits all the more exciting. We played lots of bingo and together created card games and wastebasket basketball (or would that be wastebasketball?). We danced and shopped. But, more than anything else, we laughed a lot.

Whenever she left, it was always bittersweet. We loved seeing her, but knew it would be a while before we saw her again.

The nights after she left, when we went to bed, my brothers and I would always find a special surprise under our bedroom pillows. Usually, it was something like a $5 bill, accompanied by a small trinket, perhaps a necklace, a pack of nifty stickers or a yo-yo.

It made her visits seem that much longer.

My Lola, as most of you know, was named for my Grandma Abe (Lola Abraham).

And even though the two of them never met – Grandma Abe passed away in December 2002 – I find glimpses of my grandmother in my daughter.

One day last week, I was remaking Lola’s bed. She usually does this herself, but she had wrapped herself up so tightly up in her comforter and sheets that she couldn’t figure out how to make it on her own. Everything was so twisted.

As I tossed the pillows off the bed, I found, underneath them, a pile of Lola’s prized toys. At least three Rapunzels, a Eugene, a Maximus, an Ariel and a Merida.

For the tiniest of moments, I was six years old again, peeking under my pillow to see what Grandma Abe had left.

Honestly, it’s been so long since I’ve thought about it, I almost seemed to have forgotten she did that. The paddleballs, the jacks, the books.

I’m not ashamed to say that the next morning, I actually prevented Lola from making her bed. Just to see. And, sure enough, there was a collection of random items under her pillow. Some dead flowers that she must have picked while outside, a "magic" wand, a My Little Pony, a few books.

I smiled.
- Bethany :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I am teary eyed. Little Lola makes me smile so much. She is a sweet girl Love all of you so much. Mom

Michelle said...

What a cute story! I always think of Grandma Abe when I clip coupons and see things in a line :) So nice to know how everyone else remembers her too!!