Saturday, August 18, 2012


"Mommy!" a not-quite-whiny-but-getting-there voice called to me from across the hall. "I don't wanna play with 'Milia anymore. She keeps taking all the toys."

Music to my ears.

Millie has blossomed in the last few days. I can't say that she is crawling or walking yet, but she has made strides toward both. On Friday, she got up - voluntarily - onto all fours and started rocking back and forth. On Saturday, she wanted to stand. And she even thought about beginning to cruise along the furniture a little bit.

Between all that and having learned how to scoot her bottom all over the place, nothing is safe anymore (on ground-level anyway...), including Lola's toy stashes.

For the first time, I realized we actually will have to start baby-proofing soon (like yesterday).

Actually, we've had a row of "firsts" around here lately.

For Ray's birthday (18 days ago...), Lola wanted to color him a picture. And she drew her first-ever family picture.

(Lola is in the upper left, Ray is to her right, Mommy has purple hair and Millie is lying down at the top, taking a nap. The swirls on the bottom right is Lucy, the cat.)

After that, she colored her first rainbow (which, of course, was surrounded by stamps of Cinderella's

The girls, while we were in the Cities, took their first-ever jogging-stroller rides in their cousins' stroller. And I loved it so much I had to go get my own (at 11 p.m. via Craigslist to some neighborhood in the Cities - I don't think my mom was too thrilled with that decision...)

I tried on my wedding dress for the first time. We were comparing mine against Lola's "Rapunzel's-getting-married" dress). About my dress, Lola was not overly impressed; she kept telling me hers was much prettier.

It's been a good few weeks.

- Bethany :)

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