Wednesday, September 5, 2012

school days, school days...

Today was Lola's first day at preschool!

She was apprehensive about the whole experience. Even last night, as we put her to bed, she was nervous. She's like me, she talks a lot when she's scared about something. Constant chattering.

This morning was a bit different, though. She was just quiet and a little needier than usual. But she warmed up to the idea of preschool as we packed her backpack and got her lunch ready. She even seemed kind of excited.

Once we got in the car and drove to school, though, I could sense her getting more and more tense. And, when it came time to actually get out of the car and to walk inside, she was teary-eyed.

When we got inside, she was crying, like whimpering, and she didn't want to stay. She kept asking to go home. All the kids were gathering in the gymnasium - the one place she did not want to go.

The teacher noticed us by now and offered a little compromise. While Lola still had to go inside the gym, the teacher told her she wouldn't have to play, that she could just sit with her instead.

Lola nodded, whispered a little yes, took the teacher's hand and quietly walked away.

My little girl is getting so big...
- Bethany :)

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