Thursday, October 25, 2012

an update...

Our amazing Amelia cleared her vision test last week, which was both expected and unexpected. Expected because we didn't really think there was anything wrong with her vision and unexpected because, well, she just doesn't seem to pass a lot of tests. (And I mean that in the most loving way possible.)

Actually, Millie is doing phenomenally well. She is CRAWLING! Like real, tradition crawling! She still seems to prefer to scoot around on her bottom, but is getting more comfortable with crawling every day.

She seems to especially thrive, crawling-wise, when there are other babies crawling around her, like at daycare. One problem with this, though, is she likes to watch the other kids, and the floor, instead of where she is going, so she rams into a few walls on occasion.

She also has begun pointing at things she wants. Or, more specifically, she points at my cell phone when she wants me to give it to her. And she points at Lucy (the cat) when she wants to pet (attack) her.

So very, very proud of her.

She does have another appoinment coming up. On Nov. 6, she and I will return to the Cities for a swallow study to gauge if there is a functional issue preventing her from eating solids.

Did you catch that date? Yeah, Nov. 6. Election Day, a.k.a the worst possible day for me to be away from work; I just might be the only newspaper reporter in the U.S. who asked for that date off. Fortunately, my boss has been understanding and supportive and is willing to let me come in late that night to do results stories.

As for the genetics test, we still don't know anything. I called the neurologist's office to make sure they were aware we were already going to be in town on Nov. 6. Kind of a "Hint, hint, maybe we should schedule an appointment that day to go over her blood test results" kind of call, but they didn't have any openings that day. The nurse seemed to suggest that we would just wait until our already scheduled neurology appointment on Dec. 11.

Yeah, I'm not thrilled with that idea. So I'm sure I will call again next week, before we head down  for the swallow study. If nothing else, to see if there were any cancellations on Nov. 6 and to check on the status of the genetic test. And, really, to just make sure they understand that we do not want to wait until December.

That said, the further we get from the MRI, the more convinced Ray and I are that there is nothing wrong with Millie. We think she's perhaps a little unmotivated and needs a little extra push, urging if you will, to simply try new things.

The not-eating-solids stuff is concerning, but I'm getting less and less worried about her having some rare syndrome or something. I mean, just spend 15-20 minutes with her and you see that she might not be "on track" for her age, but she is very alert, involved and interested in the world around her.

She's going to be just fine. And for once I don't think I'm just trying to convince myself of that; we really, honestly, believe that.

In other news, I had Lola's first parent-teacher conference today. I'll have to do a serarate post on Lola's school days sometime. She's such a delight, but she can be very, very stubborn! (Hmm, wonder where she gets that - RAY!)

Happy October.
- Bethany :)

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