Saturday, October 27, 2012

Princess Lola

Predictably, Lola wanted to be a princess for Halloween.

We already play so much Rapunzel princess dress-up at home...

... that I wondered just how special Halloween would be for our mini Rapunzel.

But then Lola surprised me and said she wanted to be Sleeping Beauty. So, she got a new princess dress, which made her quite happy, and we dug around at home for some Aurora-ish jewelry.

Friday, we went to a Halloween party sponsored by the city. It's family-friendly so I was thinking the costumes wouldn't be overly terrifying (Lola is scared of masks) and Grandma and Grandpa Orie were in town, too, so I had a few helping hands.

It was super fun!

Lola opted against the games and more involved activities, but she had a good time just decorating the pumpkins and coloring. Millie, well, she was quite enthralled with the markers.

Trick or treat!

- Bethany :)

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