Monday, October 1, 2012

still here...

I've tried writing several blogs in the last couple of weeks, but I gave up each time. I don't seem to have the words. I don't want to be dramatic - we still don't have any answers - but we seem to be compiling more and more questions.

Where we are officially at: We are waiting. Millie had her blood drawn last Monday (Sept. 24) for her genetic workup. The blood was drawn locally and sent to the U of M Twin Cities. We're told it can take 3-4 weeks or a month to get results.

(This is going to be the longest month of my life...)

Meanwhile, Millie's still going in for an array of tests. The neurologist ordered hearing and vision tests. The vision one is later this month. The hearing test, well, it was inconclusive. So we did another hearing test. Which was better - it confirmed that she does have hearing in both ears - but it couldn't rule out any kind of hearing loss completely. So, we are waiting until January, when she matures a bit more, to go in and have it re-evaluated.

We are also working to get her some additional early-intervention services through the school district. Every bit helps, or so we're told. But that process takes a while. We have been approved for the program - she's in - but it takes some evaluations and a lot of paperwork to actually make it happen. But we'll get there.

Speech is still a struggle... But she's still babbling lots and learning to mimic our inflections and tone.

She is struggling again with solids and eating. Not sure what is going on there... But we keep trying.

Meanwhile, she is scooting all over the place on her bottom, which is awesome. She is able to traverse the entire living room on her own. And she is learning to crawl! She can only do it for about a half a foot at a time. But she is still making progress, which is fantastic.

Meanwhile, life continues. Lola is adjusting to preschool. She still doesn't like going in the mornings but she says every afternoon that she had a lot of fun. She's not really making a lot of close friendships yet, but she is still getting used to new surroundings. More than once I've begun thinking about whether she will enter kindergarten in 2013 and what the best school for her might be. But I haven't gotten very far. Until we know more with Millie, we're all just kind of ... stuck.

Still, Lola is learning a lot at preschool. She is starting to finally become interested in learning her letters and the sounds they make. (Thanks, in large part, to her new LeadPad2, which apparently made learning a lot more fun than Mommy could. Whatever, I'll happily take it.)

Here's a word find, Lola-style. She wanted to write names on the chalkboard.

She knows how to write Lola, mom, and dad on her own. I had to help her some with Amelia. But not as much as you'd think.

So very proud of her.

And Millie, too, of course. You should see her cruise around the house now. It's so funny. She is constantly tracking the cat.

Anyhow, we're still here. We're still OK. We have bad days and we have good days. On good days, we're convinced that Millie is completely fine and will catch up. On bad days ... well ... let's just say that those are harder. The possibilities are so varied... And we try not to focus on that, we try so hard to be positive, but, yeah, sometimes, it gets overwhelming.

But, really, overall, we are doing all right. These two little girls are amazing, each in their own way.

- Bethany :)


Anonymous said...

They are amazing, wonderful, lovable girls! And so are you. I am so proud of you. Missing hugs from those fantastic girls!

David and Mary Kay said...

I think all 3 girls are pretty amazing!
We love you and miss you,
Grandpa Roma