Friday, October 5, 2012

the end of summer

It snowed here yesterday. Snowed. On Oct. 4.

So I'm in a reflective mood, I guess, about days with much warmer temperatures...

Years from now, when we think back to the summer of 2012, undoubtedly, we will recall everything we've gone through with Amelia.

But, that said, that really wasn't what our summer was all about.

It was about this:

And this:

And, yeah, a little bit of this as well:

This summer, we played. We worked on incorporating more healthful activities and foods into our lives. We focused on being stronger role models for our girls. We planned our super-fun-can't-get-here-fast-enough upcoming family vacation.

Sure, I caught myself feeling sad for us a few times, thinking about Millie, worrying about her because she wasn't runing after Lola or ambling throughout the yard.

But while Millie certainly has been the focus of our lives in recent weeks, her development did not consume us all summer long.

Our life consumed us. And we relished in that. We counted down to the weekends, when we'd head out to state parks. We'd take nightly walks to the playground, we wrestled and hugged and cuddled and laughed.

A lot.

 We marveled at Lola, who learned to spell and make letter sounds, who came out of her shell a little more every day, who truly became an attentive, caring big sister to Millie, sharing her toys and offering snacks and help. Lola became her own little person, demanding specific outfits every morning and cleaning up after herself without prompting. She began asking us hard-to-answer questions - "Why does the moon look different today?" or "How come people die?" - and took a real interest in learning about the world around her. Why is there grass? Why is it green? Why do birds fly? Why do airplanes fly? Why can't I fly? Why? Why? Why?

We stood by Millie as she learned to sit, roll, scoot, and, most recently, crawl. We held her waist as we worked to teach her that, yes, her legs can support her body weight, that we won't let her fall. We smiled as she took interest in Lucy and giggled as she reached for that first clump of kitty hair. We applauded when she figured out how to get from her tummy to sitting. We cheered when she began coming to meet us on her own, whether it be through scooting, crawling or a mixture of both.

We learned to better appreciate kids' music, watching Lola twirl and kick and jump along to her favorite songs. Millie began bopping to music as well, grinning wildly when a song came on with a strong beat.

We sang countless songs, read about 100,000 books.

We collected caterpillars.

We had fun.

- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

You write beautifully! I can picture all of you doing every word that you said. I love you so much. Mom