Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Life with Lola

Lola is our chatter-box. I mean, the kid can talk.

Her daycare providers once gave her a ride home, probably about a year or so ago. I can't remember why, but when they dropped him off, the husband looked positively exhausted.

"Man, your daughter can talk," he said. "For being so shy, once she gets going, there's just no stopping her."

And it's true. It might take Lola an hour or so to warm up to you, but once she's comfortable, it is nonstop chatter.

Yesterday, she (finally) completed her early childhood screening. She excelled, passing everything with flying colors. In the speech section, a passing score is 21; Lola got a 35.

"She had a lot to say," the teacher laughed.

The only question that she didn't pass was this: What is a window made of out?

Lola was thoughtful, then answered, "Wind."

Such a cutie.

She's been full of sweetness these days, probably due to the incredible amount of holiday sweets she's been eating.

Yesterday, I worked late and saw her about 7 p.m. She promptly told me that she learned to spell a new word at school that day.

"Really? What word?" I asked.

She said something that started with a B and included a lot of "errr" sounds.

"Bird?" I guessed.

"No, Mommy," she said impatiently. "Watch me."

She wrapped her arms around her and pretended to shiver, "Brrrrrrr."

She makes me giggle.

Last week, while driving back from the Twin Cities, it became the Trip That Would Not End. I mean, our usual four-hour trip took us 10 hours, thanks to the ice and snow.

Everything went wrong that day - the road conditions, flat tires, work demands. I was tense and it was quickly spreading throughout the car. It was not a good moment.

We realized at some point that we, again, needed to stop and check a tire on the trailer and Lola freaked out. She was so confused by our frustrations, my growing anxiety.

"I just don't understand it," she finally wailed, out of nowhere. "Why is everything so, so broken today?"

Ray and I burst out laughing, she was so melodramatic and yet so genuine. She was saying exactly what we both were thinking. And in that moment I finally just accepted that I wasn't going to get to work that day. And that was just going to have to be OK.

So we laughed and hugged, and then stopped for a much-needed lunch break.

Kids are great. They remind me that nothing is really quite as important as I think it is.

Happy Tuesday.
- Bethany :)

P.S. Lola has her first-ever Christmas program tomorrow morning at preschool. I'm so very excited. I hope it goes well (mainly, I just hope she goes out on the darn stage, ha ha).

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Can't wait to hear how the program went!