Monday, December 17, 2012

on a lighter note...

Cookie time!

Saturday was Cookie Day in our household as we made a concerted effort to spend some quality with our older daughter.

Lola loved it.

And so did we.


Really, we had a great weekend from beginning to end.

Ray was even willing to blow off the end of the Vikings game Sunday so we could go to the mall and see Santa.

Yeah, this is the second year in the row that Mommy got to see Santa. Lola just wasn't quite ready to go alone, though she did really great. I was very proud of her. She had a conversation with Santa, about how old she is (4), whether she was a good girl (of course), and what she wants for Christmas (a new Barbie doll).

Looking back, a whole lot has changed since our picture was taken last year.

Millie has the exact same expression, but she looks much older...

Lola is no longer on the edge of leaving toddler-hood and now is very clearly a preschooler...

And me? Well, yeah, I've changed a bunch too. I finally got around to losing the post-college/post-marriage/post-babies weight that's been sticking around too long.

In fact, it was about this time last year that I debated with Ray about whether I should give in and get my wedding rings re-sized - larger - because I couldn't wear them anymore.

This weekend, I dropped my rings off to get them re-sized - smaller - because they keep falling off.

It's nice to feel like me again.
- Bethany :)


Anonymous said...

Awesome blog!!! Can't wait to see all of you soon! Mom

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