Monday, December 3, 2012

Sunday celebrations

Millie pulled herself up to standing this weekend!

(Granted, it was probably because we were being less-than-stellar parents at the time, but, hey, it worked!)

Ray, Lola and I were sitting on the couch, all taking turns with our new Wii U system.

The Wii U has this GamePad controller - with its own tablet screen - so Ray, Lola and I were passing it around, drawing a path on it to dictate the future movements of a Mario character.

Anyhow, Millie must have thought it looked an awful lot like the iPad that she gets to play with when her school district therapist comes to the house.

She came straight for us, abandoning her pile of beloved Elmo toys, and grabbed hold of the couch cushion. She pulled herself to kneeling and then, like usual, kind of bobbed upward a few times, making you wonder whether she just might try it...

And then, all of a sudden, I wasn't just seeing the top of Millie's head poking up at me but her entire, grinning face.

She was standing!

And reaching ever so desperately for the blasted GamePad.

By day's end, she pulled herself to standing five times.

And you know what? Each time was worth the cost of the Wii U.

Times a thousand.

- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

Love this blog! Yeah Millie!