Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Turning the corner?

Something huge happened yesterday.

It's hard to describe, in words.

Ray and I were debating putting Millie to bed. She had just had her dinner and was getting a little cranky. I sat down on the lounge end of the couch, Ray was lying in the center.

I set Millie in between us. She loves being on the couch, always has. I think it makes her feel like a big girl.

She had throw pillows on either side of her. Now Millie has never climbed over anything before; she hasn't quite figured out how to lift her legs/knees high enough.

But this time, about 6:30 p.m., she began moving around. And figuring things out.

She only had about a two-foot-wide space. But she climbed on top of pillows and began pulling herself to kneeling against the couch cushions.

Ray and I shared a smile, happy to see her moving a bit.

And then, she took off.

Millie somehow figured out she could fling her body around.

So she would get up on her knees, stretch and high as she could and throw herself at us, at the couch cushions, at anything.

It was flying Millie.

And she loved it.

She was laughing and clapping and sweating and shrieking.

She has always loved to fall backward. So she got to sitting and I would help her stand and then drop her backward and she would fall back into a pillow and giggle like mad.

More than once I thought about getting the camera.

But I didn't want it to end.

She was throwing herself into my lap; into my arms; into Ray's face, nearly gouging out an eye or two; into the couch cushions.

Lola, watching a Shrek movie from her perch on the ottoman, joined in a few times. But it was Millie's show and the 4-year-old was more interested in Fiona.

And that was OK.

We played hard with Millie until 7:30 p.m., long past her bedtime. And I tried to cuddle with her, slow things down a bit, but she kept lunging for the couch.

So we let her go for another 5-10 minutes.

And then, with her little brown curls stuck to her sweaty scalp, she looked up at me with big, beautiful green eyes, laid down and rested her head on a pillow.


She barely whimpered when Ray put her to bed.

It was only later, when the house was quiet, that I regretted not taking even a quick video.

Or even one photo.

So I drew one instead.


Seriously, though, it was an amazing experience for us. It was the first time we saw more "typical" toddler behavior from Millie.

Ray and I exchanged an ironically worried look last night, knowing that we are completely unprepared for having a "real" toddler in the house...

UPDATE: Ray is home with the girls today. I'm working (blogging on lunch break). I called Ray a bit ago to ask, a little nervously, "Is Millie acting like last night? Or is she back to (so-called) normal?"

We were very tentatively excited about what happened last night, thinking that maybe she turned a corner. But, then, always cautious, Ray noted that her meds create periods of great downs and great ups. Perhaps it was just an up?

The verdict? Too soon to say. BUT, he happily told me she spent the morning pulling herself to standing and crawling all over the house, including the couch.And, yes, she was flinging herself at anything cushion-y.

"She has gotten into everything today," Ray said, quite proud, and yet, yes, a little overwhelmed.

Knocking on a whole lot of wood today...

But it seems Christmas just might have come a bit early here...

- Bethany :)

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