Tuesday, January 8, 2013

road trip

Well, we're starting 2013 off with a bang.


We all made a roughly 11-hour drive, in pieces, to Wisconsin this past weekend. Ray had the chance to go to Lambeau for the Vikings' game and I jumped at the chance to meet up with my dearest friend.

So, we packed up the girls and headed east. We had a great time, though Ray was less than happy about the Vikings.

I had a wonderful time, trying some new wines and catching up, in person, with my friend who lives too far away.

Millie surprised me more than once. She, twice, climbed on top of the fireplace mantel, proving that she's getting more comfortable with her mobility and learning how to climb.

Lola had a great time playing with some new toys and coloring. And she really loved spending time with their lab.

On our way there, we cut the trip in half, staying Friday night in the Cities.

But, on the way back, we buckled up and made a long drive home, taking several breaks along the way. The girls, really, did great. I was very proud of them.

About an hour from town, though, we ran into some trouble.


Yeah, we hit a deer.

Thankfully, and most importantly of course, no one was hurt.

(Except the poor deer.)

Now, we're waiting on insurance to see what happens next.

This kinda' complicates life for us on several fronts, but at least we're all safe. 
- Bethany :) 

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