Friday, January 11, 2013

Will she walk?

Next month, the Wesleys head to Disney World.

It was planned eons ago, before we knew the extent of Millie's delays. We were doing pretty well financially at the time and we wanted to take a family trip that would be super special for both us and the girls (even if Millie won't remember it).

Ray grew up in a family that seemed to go to Disney World every year - and many of his family members still do - so Disney never has been that far from our minds.

After talking it over for several years (basically ever since Lola was born), we decided that early winter 2013 would be the ideal time.

Millie would not yet be 2 so she still could fly and get into the parks for free.

And, she'd be walking and running all over the place, easily, by the time she turned 18 months old so she wouldn't have to be confined to a stroller all day long.

We booked the trip around March last year.

Months later, by the time we realized Millie's struggles were more than a simple delay, we'd already all-but-paid-off the entire trip. As the medical bills mounted, we talked more than once about canceling Disney, but we'd lose a lot of what we'd already spent.

And as it came to do-or-die time, we admitted to ourselves that we want to go. After the year we had - the stress, tests and tears - we needed a fun getaway.

So, we remain committed.

And very, very excited.

Yet, I do worry some about how Millie will do.

She's doing fantastic right now, crawling all over the place at mach speeds, cruising along furniture, climbing up fireplaces. She is into everything. It's wonderful.

But she isn't walking yet.

My long-held goal has been that she would be "finger-walking" by Disney, that she would be able to hold our hands and take a few steps at a time, just to simply get a break from the stroller.

I strongly believe she'll be doing that by the time we leave.

But one of her therapists insists that Millie will be truly, fully walking by then.

Personally, I doubt it. She doesn't yet trust herself enough quite yet.

But it has me thinking.

And hoping.

How incredibly cool would it be if she took her very first steps while we were all at Disney World?

Magic indeed.
- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

A magical place! I hope all your dreams come true!