Thursday, February 28, 2013

Disney Diary, Day 3

(An ongoing recap of our nine-day trip to Disney World.)

This just might have been my most favorite day of the trip.

We went to Epcot, the park I was least looking forward to and Ray was most looking forward to (that's about par for the course with us - we're seldom on the same page).

Anyhow, we got the Epcot, wandered around for a few minutes and then started the day off on the lowest note of all: Ellen's Energy Adventure.

In theory, it was right up Ray's alley. A film/ride/thing exploring the history and future of energy. It really would have been a nice experience...


It has huge, scary dinosaurs in it.

Lola was terrifed.

And she cowered next to me, shaking as she covered her eyes, begging for it to end.


It was not the best-ever beginning to the day.

But we all survived. And Lola actually learned an important lesson: the scariness all comes to an end, eventually.

Within moments of exiting, she was just fine and excited to try something else.

We then went to meet up with Ray's sister's family. They go to Disney fairly often so they were super helpful, pointing out some of the must-sees and offering ideas on what the kids might be most interested in.

We went on the new-ish Nemo ride, which was really great. Lola loved it. And Millie was very interested in the sighs and what was happening all around her. Extra bonus: The line wasn't long at all and it moves quickly.

Afterward, we checked out some of the "real" fish and let Millie look around a bit.

We stopped for lunch at what would become our favorite Disney eatery in the "Mexico" portion of the World Showcase.

And Millie and I met Donald Duck.

Then it was time for another Princess meeting.

OK, technically, I don't think Disney considers Mulan a "princess" but she's my absolute favorite (and the movie, obviously). And that has rubbed off on Lola, which is just fine with me.

After that, we walked throughout the World.

And had a marvelous time.

Watching a street performer in Italy...

Taking in the scenery...


Even having a Mickey pretzel.

We also met another Princess...

(And her beau).

Lola met Pocahontas. (One of my favorite princess encounters, by the way. She was super sweet.)

And then Alice, who showed Lola how to use her skirt to make a tulip type of flower pose. (This was another favorite character. She was very patient, gentle even. This, also, is a favorite picture of mine.)

After meeting back up with our traveling buddies, Lola saw Belle again (in a less formal setting this time around).

Meanwhile, Millie got a much-deserved gift. (She had her choice of anything in the store, more or less, and Chip and Dale were the only toys/cuddles she was remotely interested in. So sweet.)

Then we just kind of hung out and fed (and chased) some birds around for a bit.

After a while, we went back to the main part of Epcot and the kids did a bit more, like leraning about imagination and then creating their own Figment.

(The Figment ride was a huge hit. Millie adored him. And Lola thought the whole experience was amazing.)

The day ended on a high note. Literally.

Ray's brother-in-law and nephew walked Millie around the stroller as the rest of us used our FastPasses to go on Soarin', a ride simulating a hang-gliding experience over California. They harness you into your seat and then lift you off the ground, bringing you face-to-face with the huge screen.

You really feel like you're flying.

Lola was tall enough for this ride but I thought she'd be terrified (remember the dinosaurs?).

The ride itself was fantastic. It was super fun. And extra special because Ray, Lola and I could all go together.

And Lola? She loved it. Absolutely loved it.

Even today, if you ask her what her favorite ride was, "the flying one" is always either No. 1 or No. 2.

The other fave?

Well, that one came on Day 4...
- Bethany :)

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