Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Disney Diary, Day 4

(An ongoing recap of our nine-day trip to Disney World.)

The smiles.

The laughs.

The fun.

The visit to First Aid...

Our Day 3 trip to Epcot was great. But what I didn't say last time was that it ended on a low note. Millie seemed ... off by the time we got "home" to our resort. She was cranky. And she didn't sleep at all that night. Ray got her to snooze a couple of hours but it wasn't good.

She woke up on Day 4 - Tuesday - crabby.

Typically, we'd been trying to wake up early-ish, feed Millie her baby food and yogurt, and then get us older ones some "real" food. Well, early in our trip, about day 2 or 3, Millie began resisting her mushy foods: She wanted real, solid food like Lola. And she, too, wanted juice and milk.

The problem is, of course, she can't eat that food.

And she can't have liquids.

Our resolve was (continually) tested.

Millie woke up that Tuesday morning, Day 4, all-out refusing her baby foods. Unfortunately, Tuesday was the one day we had scheduled appointments. So we had to get going. Millie was not happy, but we figured it was due, mostly, to an overall lack of sleep.

And, honestly, I was looking forward to our set plans, starting with Millie first haircut!

Her hair (bangs) have been dropping in her eyes for months now, but I was holding out for Disney World. There, she would get a special set of Mickey ears that say First Haircut on the back, a certificate and a special bag containing the remnants of her first haircut.

I was so excited.

Of course, Millie was super crabby.

So it went very poorly.

Oh well. I tried.

Afterward, we put Millie in the stroller and let her sleep some, thinking she would sleep off whatever was irking her (and hoping she would wake up willing to take some food).

Meanwhile, we went on with our Day O' Fun.

And Lola got to meet Ariel!

We quickly realized it was going to get hot.

So we put sunscreen on everyone.

And that's when things started to get a wee bit worrisome.

Millie broke out in a rash.At first we figured it was the sunscreen. But then I realized she didn't break out everywhere, just in certain spots. And she's had sunscreen on before, last summer.

We continued to let her sleep for a while but when she again refused food about an hour later, we booked it to First Aid. Millie had a temperature and they told us they would gladly work with us to get her to the clinic or hospital, if that's what we decided.

We talked it over, Ray and I, and we came to a decision as her parents. You might disagree and that's fine. But you have to understand that in all the times we've taken Millie in to the ER, there isn't a whole lot they can do. Observe and see how she responds.

Anyhow, Ray and I agreed that we'd give her an hour. If she wasn't doing better or showing signs of improvement, we'd take her to a hospital, if for nothing else to get her an IV.

It ended up a non-issue. She didn't want to drink or eat. But we made her. We basically force-fed her liquids. By straw, a few drops at a time. And within about 30 minutes or so, she perked back up. Slowly.

Meanwhile, we were still at Disney World.

So we went on with our fun. One parent tending to Millie (Ray) while the other went with Lola to go on rides and meet more princesses.

Lola kept asking me to take her on a smaller roller-coaster, the Barnstormer. I was hesitant, knowing how Lola can be afraid of, well, everything.

Roller-coasters are fast.

They're noisy.

They're kind of scary.

I kept asking her if she was sure and she kept telling me, strongly, to take her on the darned ride already.

So I did.

And it was fast and loud and jerky and rather intense for what I thought was a kiddie ride.

And Lola loved it.

Every minute of it.

She asked Ray to take her on it next, but we had to get going to meet up with his sister's family.

When we met up, they were on their way to the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad coaster.

Lola asked to go too.

She, amazingly, was tall enough.

Ray was all for it. In true Bethany fashion, I was hesitant. She was having such a great time with the rides, I didn't want her to freak out and withdraw or be scared to try more...

I figured she would hate it.

The big drops. The speed...

But I, of course, lost that battle.

(Look for Ray in the bright orange shirt in back; Lola is next to him.)

And I ended up being dead wrong on everything.

Lola loved that ride.

She came out running and giggling and begging to go again.

In all, we figure she went on the Big Thunder about 15 times throughout the remainder of our trip.

And each time was better than the last.

That afternoon, as Ray and I browsed for a special Christmas ornament, Lola happened to look out the front door of the shop and saw the beginnings of a parade. So we claimed a little space of our own and watched as the characters all came by.

That was an amazing experience. Lola was enthralled.

Especially by all the princesses.

Then it was time for Lola, herself, to become a princess.

We made her reservations for the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique months ago. And we watched YouTube videos and showed Lola pictures, talking it up over and over again about how much fun it was going to be.

Still, she didn't want to do it.

(Again, judge my parenting skills if you want, but I was pretty much committed to making her do it come hell or high water. I knew she would enjoy the experience if she would just relax a bit.)

But even that day, every time we saw another girl who was all "princ-i-fied" up, Lola would get a little wistful and then insist she didn't want to do it.

By the time finally arrived, she was more than a little apprehensive. She wasn't crying, but was begging me not to make her do it.

But then we peeked inside.

And she saw all the other "princesses" and the Fairy Godmothers.

Her eyes lit up.

And she grinned.

So I took her "before" picture...

(Smart mom move: The girls are supposed to come into BBB with their hair free of tangles. Well, Lola's hair doesn't get tangle-free. Unless I keep it in braids all day. Luckily, I thought ahead, trying to avoid any more meltdowns at Princess time than absolutely necessary. It worked perfectly.)

Then I quickly got her into her "Rapunzel's getting married" dress...

And we checked into the boutique.

When we walked into the salon, Lola was excited. She was giddy, pointing out all the princess dresses and the special touches all around her. 

As they called her back to take her to her chair, she turned and gave me a giant hug.

"You are the best Mommy ever," she said happily. "This is my favorite day in the whole world."

She was the perfect princess-to-be.


We made sure to get a whole slew of "after" shots as well.

It was amazing. And I was so very proud of her for facing her fears. And then loving the whole experience. A definite highlight of our trip, for sure.

That night, we splurged on the new Be Our Guest restaurant, a breath-takingly beautiful recreation of the Belle/Beast castle.

It was gorgeous. And all of the little touches were amazing.

Sadly, the food was pretty terrible. And Lola was terrified of actually seeing the Beast, who walked through the ballroom a few times.

But I appreciated the atmosphere, my family's willingness to at least try something other than burgers and fries. Overall, I'm still glad we went - the views and decor were gorgeous - but I know we wouldn't go back.

The day ended on a fun note as we all met back up at the Magic Kingdom entrance as we prepared to head back to our respective resorts. 

The kids got their picture taken with a mobile Mickey Mouse.

And the girls were adorable, wishing each other goodnight while in their matching Rapunzel gowns.

Thank goodness the day ended much better than it began.

- Bethany :)

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