Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Disney Diary, Day 5

(An ongoing recap of our nine-day trip to Disney World.)

This is when things got great.

If Day 3 was my favorite day of the vacation, Day 5 was a very, very close runner-up.

Easily, it was my favorite Millie day.

With her illness/dehydration/whatever behind her, this was the day Millie finally got into Disney.

She had a fabulous time on this day, a Wednesday.

We all did.

We went back to Animal Kingdom, which was quickly becoming one of my favorite Disney parks.

We met up with Ray's sister's family, who kindly suggested that we check out one of the shows, "Finding Nemo the Musical."

She thought the kids would really like it.

She was right.

It was amazing.

Now keep in mind we are not a theater family so I'm sure other, more cultured families have different levels of expectations.

But, for us, it was superb.

And the girls loved it.

We then wandered around the park some more, visiting animals and touring DinoLand, which had this one spinny roller-coaster/ride thing that the older kids loved.

Lola wasn't tall enough, though she tried repeatedly to convince us - and cast members - that she met the height requirements (but, no, she didn't).

So she settled for a group shot later on.

Since we had so much fun at Nemo, we decided to check out another show: the 3-D "It's Tough to be a Bug" show.


It was super cute.

And I loved it. The whole five minutes I actually got to see anyway.

The show, in 3D, is inventive, funny and quite well done.

But it scared the crap out of Lola.

So she and I had to leave early.

But anyone with kids that aren't weenie heads would probably really love it. Ray, who got to stay for the whole thing, thought it was fantastic.

What else did we do that day? All of us adults got to go on Expedition Everest, the new Yeti roller-coaster.

I've never been the biggest roller-coaster fan. About ten years ago, I actually went on Wild Thing at Valleyfair (and hated it the whole time; I'm just not good with the drops). But I have, usually, enjoyed Valleyfair's smaller ones, with less extreme drops, like the High Roller.

But apparently I've gotten kind of old. Everest was just not for me, though it was kind of fun to go backward. Really, overall, it was kind of enjoyable. But I didn't love it.

I felt much happier on solid ground. In the sun.

But Ray loved it.

Anyhow, the last live show we saw that day was the best, in my opinion.

"The Festival of the Lion King."

I don't know if Lola sat down at all during the show. She was swaying, pointing and dancing the entire time.

Millie, too, was captivated. She didn't take her eyes off the stage. She was bopping along, squealing and clapping.

It was awesome.

We spent that evening at Ray's sister's family's hotel. The kids swam a bit and then we all just kind of hung out in their suite, talking and laughing and eating some pizza. The older kids all played together while Millie was just happy to have a place to crawl around (while still being the center of attention of course).

It really was a great day.

- Bethany :)

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