Thursday, March 7, 2013

Millie num-nums!

Millie, a couple of weeks ago, began to refuse her baby foods.

Complicating matters, she completely refuses any thickened liquids. (If she sees you take out the Thick-It, she'll automatically reject whatever liquid you were going to give her.)

It makes life hard. She gets dehydrated, we get frustrated. 

Yet we're not supposed to give her any liquids or any hard, crunchy solids. 

So we give her dissolvable solids: graham crackers, yogurt melts, etc. Things that will basically turn to mush so she can't choke or aspirate on them.

She doesn't talk to us very well yet, but she is getting much better at telling us what she wants. 

While the rest of us are eating Italian sausage, green peppers and potatoes, she throws her own crappy foods on the floor and gestures - emphatically - at Lola's plate of yummy-looking foods.

When we're having hot dogs and French fries, she's pointing and whining, trying to wiggle free of her high chair to go steal Lola's food.

It’s made for interesting meal times.

Saturday night, we all went out to eat. We thought we left our diaper bag at Perkins last week so we figured as long as we were there asking about the diaper bag, we might as well have someone else cook us dinner.

We soon learned it happened to be Kids Eat Free night. So we did something we've never done before: We ordered Millie a plate of food.

Later, when the server brought everything out, Millie watched with interest as Ray got a plate of food, I got a plate of food, Lola got a plate of food...

... and then Millie got a plate of food.

She beamed.

She looked back and forth at Ray and me, watching to see if we were going to take it away.

We didn't.

And she clapped. 

And smiled. 

And danced.

At one point, she put her arms over the plate, as if to say “don’t take it from me” but she soon realized that we had no intention of doing so.

So she dug in.

Quite happily.

It was an awesome moment.

In less than two weeks now, Millie will undergo a second swallow study, at our request. We want to know if she is improving on being able to drink liquids and eat solids. 

We’re hopeful, though Ray is more optimistic than I am. (I think she’s still aspirating when she takes her [liquid] medications each morning and evening.)

But I do think she's improving. She’s eating mushy foods without many problems.

So I’m hopeful for good news.

We always like good news.


I also just had to share these photos, unrelated to most everything above. 

Millie wants to do everything that Lola does.

And, apparently, that includes wanting to play outside.

She can't move around enough to make it really any kind of fun for her yet, but I loved that Lola came onto the porch to play with Millie, through the glass. She really is a wonderful big sister.

Sweet girls.

Love them so much.

– Bethany :)

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