Wednesday, March 13, 2013

preparing for tests...

We got a thick packet of papers in the mail a couple of weeks ago, from the hospital that will be doing Millie's tests next week.

Part of it was a large, colorful booklet, designed to show kids what exactly they will go through in preparation for and during a video EEG, to show them it isn't anything too scary and nothing painful.

I was going through the whole hospital packet yesterday, making sure we had taken care of all of the required paperwork, when Lola spotted the bright orange book and asked to see it.

I agreed, showing her page by page what would happen to Amelia.

Lola was concerned, wondering if all those electrodes would hurt Millie - "Will they stick her in the head like a shot?" - or if Millie would try to pull them out.

We talked frankly, positively, and she accepted that Millie would be OK, that it was all for the best and none of it should hurt at all, just may be a bit annoying.

But as she put the book down and turned to play with something else, Lola shot me one last worried look.

"Will I have do that, too, someday?"

"No," I assured her. "Millie's doctor just wants to see how the inside of her head works."

She smiled.

"Good. That doesn't look fun."


No, it does not.

But we do what has to be done...

- Bethany :)

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