Tuesday, April 30, 2013

almost May...

We're preparing for what might be a long summer.

Ray's new job, which comes with many nice benefits, does have a significant drawback: He often works out of town.

Not always, but occasionally.

This summer, he will be out of town for 40 days.

We've juggled situations like this before, but never for this long.

Add in my often-unpredictable job, Millie's therapy schedule and having no daycare on Fridays, and things might get interesting.

But it's only 40 days. And the money will be good.

It's what we signed up for.

But I'd be lying if I said it wasn't going to be a challenge.


Meanwhile, we're actually getting a taste of spring here lately.

Lola even got up the courage to ask Ray to take the training wheels off her bike:

We've been talking about it, on and off, for a while, yet we never planned to push it this year. But her neighborhood friend, who is her age, has been wheels-free since last summer.

And she wants to be just like him.

Unfortunately, it didn't go well. 

Lola immediately started crying when she realized how different it was.

Once we explained to her that we had no intention of forcing her to try to do it, that she could just get used to the idea of balancing, etc., she was fine. Even a little intrigued.

But she went back to her bike with training wheels very quickly.

She should probably get used to just biking again in general again before we try to go up another step.

For now, we're just happy to be playing outside again.
Happy spring (finally).

 - Bethany

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