Monday, April 8, 2013

Disney Diary, Day 7

(An ongoing recap of our nine-day trip to Disney World. I just might finish these yet...)

This was the day we officially hit the "oh-my-gawd-we-have-172-more-things-we-have-to-get-done-before-we-head-home" phase of our trip.

In other words, the panic stage.

Ray hates having set schedules. And while I thrive on them, we had a deal, in advance of the trip, that we wouldn't set plans. Other than the Tuesday, which as you'll recall turned out not so ideal. Anyhow, the plan was to go with the flow, and, if you know me at all, that's just not in my nature. Yet I loved it. Until these last few days, when I got worried about not doing "everything" that we had hoped to get done...

Luckily, that was my issue.

The kids were still having a fantastic time.

Nonetheless, we knew it was "go" time. And Day 7 (Friday) was the last day we would spend at the Magic Kingdom.

So I kept a mental checklist of all the things we wanted to see and do before we left.

Like meet the remaining princesses.


Lola was super sweet throughout the whole trip and, surprisingly, prettye easy-going when it came to the 1,200 pictures I took in nine days (no, that's not an exaggeration - and it's also not including the 300-some from the Disney photo service).

But while I sometimes got a forced, grin-and-bear-it kind of fake smile, she would also occasionally knock one out of the park.

Like this one.

She had just finished meeting the pricesses and insisted on taking a picture with Goofy. I didn't direct her at all - she just ran out there and posed like this on her own - and it's one of my absolute favorite shots from the whole trip.

She's such a cutie.

Anyhow, we also went on the Walt Disney World Railroad for the first (and only) time, fulfilling one of Lola's top requests.

Amelia liked the train too.

Actually, Millie was a sweetheart all day.

She was in a terrific mood, just loving the sunshine and being there with everyone.

Later, Ray also, finally, got to take Lola on the Speedway.

He was so looking forward to this...

Unfortunately, Lola hated the whole thing.

I don't know if you can tell in the image, but trust me, Lola is scowling. It was quite humorous.

Actually, this wasn't Lola favorite ride day, to be honest. The kid has a thing about boats - she hates them. So we had to practically force her to go on the Pirates of the Carribean.

And the the ride broke down.

While we were on it.

She didn't necessarily freak out (well, maybe just a little a bit after about 15 minutes of the stand-still) but she was not happy. She was a little scared. But we were all together so I think that made it easier on her.

But I know she won't be going on it again one any time soon.

("I hated that ride, Mommy. I never ever never want to go on that ride again," she says, when I ask her if she remembers anything about it.)

I'm actually surprised Ray got her to go on It's a Small World shortly thereafter. Yet, she liked that one. Go figure.

A while later, we went on the new Little Mermaid ride, which was super cute and enjoyable.

And then, of course, Lola went on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad another half-dozen times or so.

Meanwhile, Millie and I walked around the park and met some new friends.

(Full disclosure: I have no idea who these guys are. I know Grandpa Roma told us before, but I already forgot -- maybe he'll pop on here and "remind" me? hint, hint.)

That afternoon, we caught the parade again. And Lola was just as excited this time as she was the first time around.

We went back to the hotel for a bit in the afternoon, letting everyone cool off (including me; I was pretty badly sun burnt).

Millie went swimming. And while I don't know if she loved it, she certainly had a good time.

That night, we went back to say our goodbyes to the Magic Kingdom.

And we had the best time.

Lola saw the fireworks while she was riding on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Millie slept through them in her stroller, unimpressed.

But they really were quite lovely.

And then we had front-row seats to a nighttime show.

Cinderella's castle became a blank canvas as sorts as they projected a light show onto its exterior.

It was amazing.

Both girls were mesmerized. And, I think, us adults were, too.

Afterward, we had our Magic Kingdom family picture taken in front of the now-pink castle.

But, for some reason, I begged my family to cooperate for "just one more" about 10 minutes later, from a different vantage point.

Lola didn't really want to. But Ray bribed her and we all gathered for one more picture...

... And I'm so very glad we did.

It is the only family picture from all nine days in which every one of us is smiling.

It was just that kind of night.

- Bethany :)

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