Thursday, April 11, 2013

Disney Diary, Day 8

(An ongoing recap of our nine-day trip to Disney World.)

It was Saturday. Our last full day.

It was on our minds all day. You could almost see it in the other's face: At this time tomorrow, we'll be leaving for the airport, boarding the plane, etc. Or, At this time Monday, we'll be in the Cities, surrounded by a fresh batch of 16 inches of snow.

We tried not to think about it. But that was a failing effort.

We spent our last full day at what became our favorite park: Epcot.

In fact, if you ask Lola today, What was your favorite park at Disney World, you'll get this answer: "I liked Eps-a-cot the best."

We all did.

On Day 8, we said goodbye to some of our favorite rides.

Like Nemo...

Ray and Lola went on Soarin' again, for what would be the final go-round.

Meanwhile, Millie and I spent some time in the sunshine.


We walked through the World Showcase, which was my favorite part of all of Disney World. 

I would have been happy here every day. Just walking around in the sunshine, shopping and watching different street performers.

It was quite perfect.

Even the sky was extra-special...

Later, we grabbed lunch in Mexico, at our second-favorite Disney eatery...

And then went off in search of our final Princess.

But she was taking a little lunch break.

So we waited, first in line, anxious for her return...

As we waited, the kids found some gecko friends hanging out on the wishing well, one of which they named Beatrice.

And while Lola was definitely excited about the lizards, they were nothing compared to the main event...

I don't know if Snow White is just generally that pleasant or if it was because we were her first visitors after lunch, but she was incredibly sweet.

She definitely was a favorite.


That evening was spent with Ray's sister's family as we all got together one last time, had some good food, great laughs and special times.

The kids played, the adults talked.

Late that night, we got on the shuttle bus to head home, but Ray had apparently lost his cell phone, so we disembarked the bus, then found said cell phone, got back on another bus and (finally) headed to our hotel for our last night.

Interesting times.

But good times.
- Bethany :)

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