Sunday, April 14, 2013

Disney Diary, Day 9

(The final installment in ongoing recaps of our nine-day trip to Disney World.)

This was it. 

After nine fun- and sun-filled days (we didn't see a single rain drop our whole trip!), it was time to get ready to head home.

We woke up and got packed up.

We cleaned, we dressed, we tried to think ahead: What will we want on the plane? In Minnesota?

We dressed for 80-degree weather.

And for 80 below (or so it seemed).

Our flight would leave about 7 p.m. so we still had a half-day or so at a park.

So, on Day 9, we went to Hollywood Studios for our first, and only, time.

First things first, we watched Indiana Jones do some rather cool things.


Ray had to leave show early, though. Millie just wasn't handling it well. She didn't want to sit still.

And Lola would have liked to leave.

But I didn't let her.

She actually was interested and did pretty well ... until the fire and explosions at the end.

But I thought it was pretty cool.
then, we walked around, got some food, visited some shops.

We saw some street performers.

Lola got a new hat.

Notice how she's smiling? So big, so cute?

So happy?

Yeah, that didn't last.

Because my husband thought it would be a great idea to take her on this:

 The Tower of Terror.

Now you should know two things about Lola:

1. She loves drops. The dropping motion in roller-coasters? Her favorite thing ever. Even the Pirates of the Caribbean, which she hated, had a little bitty drop at the beginning and she still talks about how much she enjoyed that part (and that part only).

2. But she scares very, very easily.

Still, Ray thought she'd ejoy the Tower of Terror.

She did not.

As Ray tells it, she screamed throughout the whole ride.

And not in the oh-my-gosh-it-is-so-fun-to-be-scared kind of way. More like the oh-my-gawd-I-am-completely-terrified-and-want-off-this-stuid-ride-right-now kind of way.

So then we tried some more kid-friendly activities.

Like a quiz to tell you which Princess you are most like.

And the Little Mermaid show.


We would have liked to watch the Belle show, but the times weren't so convenient. We've heard great things about it, and I think that would have been a awesome experience.

But it was getting late-ish...

And the Midwest was getting hammered by a(nother) snow storm.

I was worried about flights. 

I was antsy about catching shuttles and everything.

It was simply time to go.

So we gathered up. Hugged each other tight.

And said goodbye.

- Bethany :)


And, yes, we made it home.

Our flight was not canceled but another airlines' flight to Minneapolis that was scheduled for about the same time was delayed by about three hours while ours went on as scheduled.

We stayed in the Twin Cities through Tuesday, for Millie's appointment

And then drove back home to Bemidji, where we promptly got the car stuck in the driveway thanks to the 30-some inches of snow that fell while we were away.

Lola cried, "I want to go back to Disney World."

We all did.

And still do.

Just ask my husband, who was quoting me prices the other day for next February...

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