Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter memories

First, a sidebar.

This is how I woke up yesterday.  

Pidder-padder, pidder-padder, the sound of Lola's feet as they approach our bedroom.

She gets next to the bed, "Mommy, the puppy pooped in my bedroom!"  


As we ask for five more minutes, she scurries away into the living room, Mustang nipping at her heels in pursuit.

Then a shriek.  


Wait, no, it was a happy shriek.

She makes her return, stomping through the hallway as she runs full speed and plows into our bedroom, out of breath as she tries to tell us some yet-to-be-determined good news, "Mommy, there's ... outside ... where the cars ... go by ... you know that tree?"

My still-sleeping head hurts. What about the cars? And a tree? I can't follow.

She tries again. "The tree ... outside. In the yard? Where the cars go by?"

Oh, OK, the front yard, the tree. Check. Got it.

I nod.

"There's grass!" she whispers, nearly hissing the word in triumph. "There's lots and lots of grass by the tree." She beams, s happy the snow is finally, slowly, melting away.

"Come see Mommy!"

And I did.

While Ray cleaned up the puppy poo.


Anyhow, we had a really sweet weekend.

Lots of snuggle time with our new puppy and also some family time with my dad, aunt and grandfather for Easter weekend.

I wasn't really eager to color eggs at home (I didn't want the mess and no one, other than me, actually eats hard-boiled eggs in my household), so I was thrilled when my dad mentioned that his church was going to be coloring eggs Saturday morning.

An added bonus: My grandfather showed up to color eggs too.

Lola had a lot of fun (and, I think, the men did too).

Afterward, we tried to take Lola to the local city-run egg hunt (Millie won a bike there last year), but after about 20 minutes of playing in the park and visiting the "big fish" (at Muskie Park), we learned that at age 4, Lola has to take part in the event on her own, without an adult at her side. She had a miniature meltdown, refusing to go alone, so we just went back home.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Millie was having a grand ol' time, despite her crankiness due to incoming molars (I think).

She has never been very enthusiastic about stair-climbing, ever since that one occasion last month when she slipped and lost her footing (Ray was behind her and caught her).

But at Grandpa's house, she just couldn't get enough.

 (Oh, she's not wearing a shirt because she got into Ray's water bottle and
dumped it everywhere; it was in the dryer when these pictures were taken.)

She had moments when she was in a good mood.

But those teethers can really hurt...

Back at the house, Grandpa thought he'd take Lola down a new sledding hill.

But Lola was having no part of it. I'm not sure what was wrong with her at this point. She just wasn't going to even try. She was whiny, probably just overtired?

So Grandpa tried a new tactic, How about if Mustang goes with you?

Lola gave it a whirl but it just didn't work out very well. 

So they came back up to play and visit with us on the deck. It was actually warm enough that it was pleasant outside.

Good times.


We celebrated Easter ourselves at home. 

Due to the snow, the Easter Bunny hid some eggs downstairs in the playroom.

It was nice. Simple.

Then it was time to get ready for church. I curled Lola's hair for the first time ever.

And she loved it, telling me that I gave her "Merida hair." Too cute.

Both girls looked great. 

But Millie was just miserable. 

Those stinking teeth...

Happy Easter everyone.
- Bethany :)

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