Thursday, April 4, 2013

husband bragging...

Yeah, OK, so I don't say it probably often enough, but Ray and I are actually quite happy.

And, yeah, we're (still) totally in love (most days anyway, haha).

Last week, he made me extra happy.

Not only did he land a new job (woohoo!), but he also took the week to himself (sans daughters) to work some more on our kitchen.

Our kitchen is a constant work in progress, though we've already done a lot of work there (by "we" I mean Ray, of course).

After Ray tiled the floor last year, I really, really wanted to have the backsplash done.

So we took the plunge.

And Ray did a fantastic job.

The kitchen has really come a long way in three years...

Love it.

Now if we could just do something about the kitchen table...

- Bethany :)

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