Tuesday, April 9, 2013

my life

I was in a funk last night. 

It was probably the Monday blahs, but I just couldn't shake them off.

So I took Millie to the grocery store and then Lola helped me make some mini muffins.

I took a bath and tried to relax.

I read some Tom Wolfe.

With Mustang curled up into an itty bitty ball on my lap, I sat down to watch some junk TV.

But I was distracted.


Just a touch crabby.

So I handed off the puppy dog, changed my clothes and grabbed my stuff.

I'd planned on taking the day off, to simply be lazy and veg out.

But that, obviously, was not working.

I needed to clear my head.

So I left.

And as soon as my feet hit the treadmill I felt better.

Four-some miles later, I went back home.

Tired, but refreshed.

Much more upbeat.

How quickly things can change...

A year ago today, I took my first baby steps toward changing my life.

It wasn't just weight loss, though that was a big part of it.

It wasn't just exercise, though that, too, was a factor.

It wasn't just about tackling bad habits or going to church more often.

It wasn't just laughing more and frowning less.

It was all of that - and so much more.

It was life.

I just wanted to live differently.

I'll never claim my life is perfect.

But it sure is better now than it was 365 days ago.

- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

You make me teary eyed...I love you so much and couldn't be a prouder mom!