Friday, April 19, 2013

Our little 'Joy'

I turned on the radio the other day while driving to day care. A slower song came on.

Millie, alone in the backseat, yelped and whimpered.

I glanced back at her. She pointed emphatically at the radio, raised her left arm at the elbow, and pumped her little fist.

She's been doing this more and more lately, so I knew what she wanted.

I found a faster-paced song.

And she danced.

She loves to dance in her own little Millie way. 

Last night, after telling myself for weeks to take the time to get it on tape, I did.

She only dances when other people are dancing. So you'll see her waiting for Yo Gabba Gabba to get started and then immediately stops when they stop.

But just watch her smile when it's time to start.

It is the cutest thing.

She is the cutest thing.

Amelia Joy continues to amaze us daily. She is now drinking liquids from straws, walking around on her knees, and crawling up stairs with (some) ease.

On Monday, she will turn 22 months old.

Her vocabularly is expanding, though, admittedly, I don't think many people outside of her primary caregivers would understand her. We are starting a new program next week to help build her verbal and signing vocabulary.

But she is getting much better at indicating what she wants.

And making sure you listen.

She is starting to get into those Terrible 2s and has had her first set of time outs, one at home and one at daycare.

Neither came from me by the way. I still think of her as "my baby" and can't imagine that she's old enough to actually be acting out purposely. But, yeah, it's happening.

But still, she's our beloved little sweetheart who loves to cuddle and hold hands.

Happy weekend.

- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

That made my whole day!! She is the sunshine I needed today!