Tuesday, May 28, 2013

an "anniversary" present

Saturday marked the one-year anniversary of Amelia's first evaluation.

That eval, with a pediatric physical therapist, essentially kicked off what would become a very trying year full of tests and scary possibilities.

Fortunately (we've been so incredibly fortunate...), despite her struggles, Millie continues to develop, strengthen and grow in all developmental areas.

And while it's easy to focus on what she isn't yet doing, she's always there to remind us that the sky's her limit.

No one can tell her what she can or can't do.

So, Saturday.

It was one year since we learned that our then-11-month-old, was developmentally around 5 months old.

We spent Saturday, after noon, working to get the house in order. We had just spent three very nice days with Ray's parents - visiting, talking, playing, scrapbooking - and had a blast, but we needed to get caught up on yard work and house work before we took a mini break out of town Sunday to Monday.

Ray and Lola, and the neighbor boy, were out back, Ray doing brush cleanup while the kids played. I was indoors, doing some much-needed organizing of clutter and junk drawers and scrubbing kitchen appliances.

Once Millie woke up from her nap, though, I took her outside to get some sunshine and move around a bit.

She found her way to the bottom of the slide and sat on its base, watching the older kids play some T-ball.

After a while, she make it clear that she wanted a turn with the ball.

So, after a few minutes, I walked toward her and held it out, intending to bring it closer to her.

But I didn't get that far.

She stood up.

And walked to me.

About 4-5 feet.

Lola and I both saw her do it and, oh my, did we shriek.

Ray came over to see what the fuss was about.

And Millie did it again.

We spent the next 20-25 minutes letting her walk from the slide to Ray, then to me, then back to Ray.

Sure, she fell occasionally.

But she got back up.

And did it again.

She's been grinning ever since, so very proud of herself.

She isn't quite a true walker - she'll now go about six feet at a time or so - but she's getting more confident each time.

Lola has sworn for months, "When 'Milia turns 2, she'll be walking, just like me!" and I've always kind of corrected her, tempered her excitement a bit, saying that Millie probably wouldn't be walking by her second birthday, but that she'll likely learn to walk while she's 2 years old, just maybe not by her actual birth date.

Looks like my kids are out to prove me wrong, yet again.

Happy days.
- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

I love this, I love this, I love this! Just keep watching! Love the puppy at the end..makes it perfect!