Monday, May 13, 2013

Mommy's Day

This mommy spent Mommy's Day (yesterday) with her favorite girls and their sweet daddy.

One daughter has taught me (many times over) the importance of patience, and my other daughter continues to teach me that life is not a race.

And both show me, daily, the power of love.

Ray was gone all weekend for a fishing trip (and he has another one set for this coming weekend). he came home late Sunday morning so it already was a special day, even without it being Mother's Day. And while I certainly didn't need a greeting-card kind of holiday, I'll certainly take the shoes (aren't they awesome? LOVE them! Thanks Ray!).

So Happy (belated) Mom's Day to all.

Especially my own. Love you.


After finishing my first 5K two months ago, I set my sights a little higher, or, longer.

And I told friends and families many times that I'd be running my first 10K on May 11, just before Mother's Day. 

I woke up Saturday to discover snow on the ground, temperatures around 32 degrees, and gusty winds in the neighborhood of 20 mph.

I really considered skipping the whole thing (I hadn't yet registered).

But since I told everyone and made my night-owl friend wake up at 9 a.m. to watch my girls for me, I figured I should at least try.

I got there, saw super-fit people and seriously considered signing up for the 5K.

Really, I surprised myself by choking out, "10K," when the nice lady asked me what race I was running. 

"Or, at least, I'm gonna' try," I added.

My real goal was to break 60 minutes. I regularly run 10-minute miles outside on relatively flat ground. But with the temps, the snow, the wind, I told myself that breaking 65, even 70 minutes, would be pretty good.

The race was a 5K loop along area roads. Which, for us 10K-ers, meant we did the loop twice. 

Head-first into the wind for the first quarter-mile, I felt just fine, just letting myself warm up. The next two miles were easy, with helpful wind gusts, but the last mile was brutal. And the course just happened to end at the top of a hill.

I did the first loop, the first 5K, in 31:10. That was longer than my first 5K time and way off pace for my dream goal.

So I told myself to keep the same pace and to really run those two miles with the wind at my back.

At one point, about 4.5 miles in, I glanced down at my watch and found I was running an 8:45 mile.

So I forced myself to stay around the 9-minute mark, calculating in my head whether I really could break 60.

I approached that final, terrible uphill, windy stretch at 56:00. I don't know the distance that was left but I knew I was going to cut it really close. So I told myself to ignore the clock and to just run.

I finished the race at 58:29.

Happy Mother's Day to me.
- Bethany :)


Anonymous said...

Love you so much too! And so proud of the wonderful Mother that you are! Great job racing too! Sounds very cold!

Laurie said...

Your night-owl friend is very happy you didn't make her get up that early for nothing. ;)