Thursday, May 16, 2013


Finally, after what has felt like eight months' of winter, spring has arrived.

To celebrate, we recently packed up the double jogging stroller, got the girls (and the dog) and walked to a nearby park. It's not our favorite park to walk to, since it involves walking along fairly busy roadways, but we love the park itself: It has a smaller play structure for toddlers and a larger one for older kids. So, for us, it works out well.

It wasn't our first walk of the season - we've had the stroller out several times already - but this was the first time the girls were able to get out and play.

I've been calling it Millie's first trip the park.

Sure, she's gone before, last summer, but this was really the first time she was able to try to maneuver around the park and know that she could play around.

She loved it.

Of course, she was happiest just sitting atop the structure and smiling at everyone...

So we had to encourage her a bit to get up and be vertical for a while...

She is doing pretty darned well with the walking these days. She has taken several steps in the past couple of weeks, about 2-3 at a time. But once she realizes what she is doing, or that you're watching her, she goes right back down to the floor.

But she's improving.


Last night, she even seemed like she wanted to do some finger-walking - and she did it with just one helping hand.

So she's getting there. Lola keeps insisting that 'Milia will start walking by, or on, her second birthday next month.

We'll see. She is set to begin the process next week to get braces for her ankles. We learn more about that on Tuesday. Maybe that will help give her that last little bit of confidence that she needs...

But Monday's park adventure wasn't about therapy, it was about letting the girls get some fresh air and burn off some excess energy (with the very real hope they would then sleep like rocks that night!).

Afterward, Millie had her first full-out temper tantrum. When I told her it was time to leave and picked her up, she started fighting me and trying to push herself out of my arms, all the while pointing emphatically back at the playground.

She cried when I strapped her into the stroller.

So she must have had fun?!
- Bethany :)

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