Friday, June 14, 2013

officially a toddler?

So it's been two weeks since Millie started doing this.

How is she doing today?

Great! Especially since you have to consider that she got new shoe inserts/braces about a week afterward, so she's been adjusting to those as well.

She is not 100 percent walking now. But she's getting so much more confident in her abilities.

She now is basically walking as long as she starts upright; she's yet to figure out how to get from the floor to standing, unless she has something to pull on.

For isntance, if she's near a couch, she will pull herself to standing and walk across the room.

But if she falls in the middle of the room, she'll just crawl or knee-walk to another piece of furniture, or a wall, so she can stand and walk some more.

She's changing directions and even getting a little speed into her walking.

We even play a modified game of chase, where she walks from one side of the room, where I'm at, to the other, where Lola is at. But then, just as Millie is about to reach her, Lola runs to another side just as she's about to reach her. So then Millie has to go get her.

They both laugh and laugh and laugh.

It's great to see.

We're so very proud of her.

 I'm standing directly in front of the swing, as Lola is swinging, so she's telling me to 
"watch out" at the end of the video so I don't get kicked in the rear (though some days I might deserve it I suppose).


We're fortunate to have such fun kiddos.

They really are sweethearts.

Happy weekend.
- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

The video wouldn't work on my glad I can see it on my computer. She is doing awesome! Way to go! Love hearing Lola's voice at the end....great stories!