Monday, July 22, 2013


You know those super laid back, relaxing weekends?

The ones where you lounge around, simply hanging out at home, no plans, just leaving everything on the back burner for another day?

Yeah that was not our weekend.

Ray announced somewhat casually on Thursday that he was going to do our long-planned-but-never-accomplished eat-in kitchen project. Since it wasn't presented really as a choice - and I've always wanted to get it done - I didn't object.

Here's a timeline.

We bought our house in April 2010 and immediately began addressing the rather sad-looking kitchen.

We did it one piece at a time.

We painted first.

Then Ray replaced the counter tops, the fixtures, the fan, stuff like that. (I couldn't find pictures for some reason, strange...)

Then, in early 2012, he tiled the floor.

This spring, he did the backsplash.

But through it all, the same old round oak table remained.

Really, the table is quite functional - it works just fine. Even after we broke the part that slides out so you can get an extension in and out, we really couldn't justify getting rid of it. Not to buy something new when we planned to build a custom eat-in kitchen.

But I was getting rather eager to replace it. The old table - its oak color - didn't match our new kitchen at all and, more importantly, its shape was awkward. It just didn't fit in our rectangular, galley-style kitchen.

So after three years of saying what we planned to do, this past weekend we actually did it.

(Or, well, Ray did.)

First, he made the built-in bench (with storage!).

And he put the tile table together...

Then, we went out shopping, looking for new furniture, figuring we would need an ottoman or storage bench of some kind for the other side of the table, and a black chair for the end spot.

After not finding anything we loved and finding it was going to be a bit more expensive than we wanted to spend, I had a ta-da kind of moment.

Instead, we bought some spray paint.

And I made our brown chairs black.

And our old, beat-up chairs look brand new!

It all came together perfectly. I am absolutely thrilled.

My goal was that it would all be done by dinnertime Sunday and we could sit down and have a family meal on our new table all together.

And we did exactly that.

With frozen pizza.
* smile *

- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

It is so beautiful! Grandma Abe would be so happy that her table and chairs go used so much!