Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Well, that's what I get for gloating.

We feel so incredibly great with where Amelia is at. We really, truly do.
But more tests are on the horizon.

I mentioned something, kind of in passing, at our neurology checkup last month, something about Millie's left eye. She wasn't doing it that day when we actually saw the neurologist (that would be too convenient, ha), so the doctor asked that I email in a photo or two.

Those photos now have prompted a third sedated MRI for our sweet girl. And a few other things as well, mainly blood work stuff.

Honestly, I do think it's all precautionary, that it won't end up being anything.

And in the last ten hours, I have occasionally wondered, Are we putting her through too much for no real reason? For just a possibility?

But you know what? I've thought that before and been proven wrong.

More than once actually.

So when the neurologist and the neuroradiologist both agree that a more detailed look is warranted, yeah, we're going to follow their advice.

Even if we don't really want to.

Trust me, none of us wants to put Millie through this. None of us.

We have a couple of months before the tests. So that's a good sign, I think. No one is telling us to take her in ASAP. But we have been told to monitor her closely and to report any notable observations.

My one regret? I forgot to mention the eye thing to her pediatrician on Monday, when Millie went in for a regular ol' wellness checkup. After going over her medical history, he asked me if she was now all done with her diagnostic testing and such and, honestly, I was so un-worried about the eye thing that I forgot about it. All I thought to mention was that they want to continue to monitor an abnormality in her kidneys.

So now he's going to get an order for a pre-op appointment this week and think I'm nuts.

Oh well. My own husband reminded me today that he often thinks I'm nuts too.

* smile *

- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

Not nuts at all...an exceptional Mommy who is doing all the right things. Good you are keeping such close monitoring of her. Love you..Mom