Monday, July 8, 2013


Millie loves to take her shoes off. And her socks.

She's like me in that one little way: She hates things on her feet.

One day last week, on the way to day care, I heard the unmistakable sound of disconnecting Velcro.

I turned around quickly, wagged my little finger at Millie and said, nicely, "No, no, no."

She grinned. Then did it again.

And a game was born.

The next day, again on the way to day care, I heard her beginning to un-Velcro her shoes. Another finger wag from me prompted a mischievous grin from her.

When I heard it a second time, I turned around and saw her wagging her finger at me, mouthing the sounds, No, no, no, no.

She was smiling so broadly.

She's smart.

So smart...

This past weekend, Ray was trying to get a little one-on-one time with Lola, which is incredibly difficult for him because Millie LOVES her daddy and rarely leaves his side. (She cries whenever he leaves a room; we believe this is because of his week-long absences this summer for work.)

Anyhow, Ray and Lola were trying to do a puzzle. Millie began ambling her way toward them so I tried to intercept, trying to get her interested in spending time with me, "Millie, come see Mommy. Should we play catch with a ball? Mommy go get a ball?"

Before I could actually go to get one, she turned her back on me, walked deliberately toward the fireplace, where we keep all of Mustang's puppy toys and grabbed a doggie ball.

She brought it over to me, grinning so very widely.

And yes, it was quite slobbered on and I would have much preferred to go get a princess ball or something.

But she was so proud of herself.

So I sat down, about three feet from her and gently rolled the gross little ball toward her.

... and the silly puppy came out of nowhere and snatched it right up, just before Millie was about to grab it.

Sad, right?

Fortunately, that prompted a game of its own: Chase the Puppy Dog.

It all worked out anyway.


I should acknowledge at this point that, yes, we did have a few appointments two weeks ago while we were visiting the Cities.

Both went pretty well. Millie is doing great and everyone seemed noticeably pleased to see her walking and signing.

We received a lot of information, much of which we're still digesting. Science was never my forte.

There weren't any super-involved tests done, but they did draw blood, which I had not been expecting. No calls on it yet, so I'm assuming that means it all came back normal. But I'll probably call later this week to follow-up on it all.

We return in September for a check-in again with the neurologist and to re-do an ultrasound to check on her kidney. A previous ultrasound showed a not-yet-concerning abnormality that we need to keep an eye on, so that's the plan for that.

Overall, again, we're so pleased with how Millie is doing.

This past Fourth weekend, she was even talking, so clearly. She was saying "Hi Daddy" (her favorite, most clear two-word pairing), "hi kitty" (second), and some single words as well, such as hi, yay (a new word!) and mama.

One of the skills we're supposed to work on is to continue to praise her signing skills and yet also continue to encourage her to verbalize more. So new words, improved, more frequent talking, is great.

This should be an interesting week, to see how far she is coming along.

On Wednesday, she and I meet with a school district speech therapist she hasn't seen since March, I believe, before she was signing regularly.

And, on Thursday, we go for her regular therapy appointments at the hospital. But she hasn't been there in three weeks due to schedules, etc., so they haven't even seen her walking steadily yet.

She's doing so well.

- Bethany :)

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Anonymous said...

Awesome job Millie! and the rest of the family too!