Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I used to play tennis.

In college, I spent up to three hours a day on the courts, pretending to have a forehand, hoping my opponent would hit to my backhand or give me a decent volley opportunity.

But after graduation, marriage and kids, I gave it up.

Yet, I always missed it.

Last summer, I tried to join a local women's double league but wasn't able to, for a number of reasons.

This summer, I decided to try again. I wasn't able to fully join up - I didn't know anyone who would be my partner - but I was offered the chance to occasionally sub for those unable to attend. As luck had it, after I agreed, I got an email from a woman looking for a long-term sub (about seven weeks).

Three weeks ago, I drove to the courts for the first time, both excited to step onto the court again and also nervous because I hadn't played in more than five years, since long before Lola was born.

It took me a few games to find my backhand, about a set to find the remnants of my serve. And I'm still searching for a forehand.

But I'm playing again.

And thanks to a newly developed fondness for running, I'm chasing down shots previously unattainable (I rarely actually hit them in, but I am, at least, getting to them).

Tuesdays have quickly become my second-favorite day of the week (after Sundays, when Ray is guaranteed to be home).

Between office hours, night meetings, doctor appointments, therapies, house-cleaning, dog-walking, kid time and much more, I don't have a ton of time for just me during the week.

And, yes, I feel a little guilty spending money to pay a babysitter to watch my kids so I sneak off to the tennis courts once a week.

But then I hit a winner, perhaps drop an ace down the T.

And it's completely worth it.
- Bethany :)


Anonymous said...

Very glad you are doing this for deserve it! and glad you are having a great time donig it! Love you Mom

David and Mary Kay said...

Hey kiddo, "me" time is pretty important too ya know!
Good for you, and you never know, that forehand might be there just waiting to show up!
Good luck.

Grandpa Roma