Wednesday, August 21, 2013

weekend recap

We survived the garage sale!

Thanks to dear friends and family who came into town to visit and watch the girls, I was able to (mostly) focus on the garage sale, make a few hundred dollars, and deepen my summer tan a bit.

I still have one garage stall full of leftover stuff, but I'd say I easily sold 4/5 of everything I had for sale, including all but one of the "big" items.

So I'm happy.

In kid-related news, Lola and I were listening to this song the other day.

"Mommy," she said. "What are angel armies?"

So we talked some about angels, Jesus, God and how we're never really all alone, even when we might feel scared.

I took that as an opportunity to talk some about school and how, even if kindergarten initially is kind of intimidating, she won't be alone there either, that if she wants angels to keep her company, they will.

She laughed.

"I won't need angels at school, Mommy," she said.


"No, I will have all my friends and my teacher at school," she said.

Then she paused.

"Maybe in time-outs though. I get lonely when you put me in time-out."

- Bethany :)

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